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UG Zenki closeup

Zenki compliments on Goki's impressive fighting skills!

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Zenki's individual gallery subpages feature various images from the
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Gallery Subpages

Zenki's Gallery now contains it's own, timeline specific, gallery subpages!

They not only separate his various incarnations, making their individual personalities more transparent,
they also allow better loading times and performance on slower machines and mobile devices.

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  • Kishin Douji Zenki Manga
    Pentagram Zenki manga 2
    • This gallery features both incarnations of Zenki from the manga, the official one and the prototype with his chapter exclusive Pentagram form.

  • Kishin Douji Zenki Gaiden: Anki Kitan (better known as the Kishin Douji Zenki OVA)
    UG Zenki OVA
    • Obviously, this one contains images of his OVA-specific incarnation, a way more serious Zenki, heavily based on his incarnation from the later volumes of the manga.

  • Kishin Douji Zenki Games
    Zenki punch screen Den Ei Rei Bu
    • This link leads to a page featuring the various ingame gallery pages.
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