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Chibi Zenki teasing Chiaki because she put him into her bag in Episode 30 of the Anime

This page is a subpage of Zenki's article.
It contains information on Zenki's various forms from the anime, manga and the OVA of the Kishin Douji Zenki series.

While Zenki has been sealed into his Chibi form, his true and definitive form is his Demon God form.

Unlike Goki's forms which have him mature as he regains more elements, Zenki's forms are different as he can only reach his later forms with Goki's and Chiaki's aid.

Zenki reaches his Great Demon God Zenki through bodily morphosis, which is only possible with Goki's power and Chiaki's secret incantation.

Something similar goes for Zenki's Battle Demon God form, which is a bodily morphosis, too. Here Zenki uses a power which represents the unification of his Thunder element (Rudra) and the holy power of the Vajura, which is provided by the Diamond Horns that were given to Zenki by Ozunu.


In the anime, Zenki has four forms.

His transformation line goes as follows:

Chibi -> Demon God -> Great Demon God -> Perfect Demon God

His level 1 and level 2 forms (Chibi and Demon God) are aviable to him from the start, while he reaches his Great Demon God form in Episode 29 of the anime. Zenki's Perfect Demon God form only appears in the final episode of the anime.

Chibi Zenki

Zenki's Chibi or child form is his first stage. Chibi Zenki first appears in Episode 1 of the anime. It is also rarely referred to as Zenki's level 1 form.

This form is very weak, as even Chiaki is able to fling him around like a toy.

At first his recklessness is very dangerous to Chibi Zenki, as in his mind he is still a big and strong Demon God, who just can't cope with the fact that he's much weaker in this sealed Chibi state. He learns his limits the hard way, when the Hyouijuu just toy with him and call him a "shrimp" or "midget" rather than taking him seriously. They also can injure him pretty badly by merely slapping him in this form.

Soon enough, Zenki learns his Chibi form's limits and adapts to them. Yet, whenever he turns back to his true self (Demon God form or higher), he exchanges his brains for brawns and returns to his reckless and proud self.

Despite his inner elements of Fire and Thunder, Chibi Zenki can use neither. This is because they are sealed along with his true form.

Whenever Zenki has used up too much of his strength or Chiaki choses to, he is involuntarily returned to his sealed Chibi form.

Demon God Zenki

Zenki's Demon God form is his second stage. In the original, Japanese version of the anime, this form is called "Kishin Zenki". Demon God Zenki first appears in Episode 1 of the anime. It is also rarely referred to as Zenki's level 2 form.

This form is often referred to as Zenki's true form. Demon God Zenki is very powerful and tears Hyouijuu apart with ease, which is when he isn't toying with them and gets himself into trouble.

Big Zenki often prefers his brawns over his brains. He is a very aggressive warrior who likes to use an offensive fighting style. He is very proud of the Diamond Horns, which were given to him by Ozunu, and likes to show off his great strength in front of his friends and foes alike.

Zenki is often too proud and too reckless as he believes that his Diamond Horns make him the strongest Kishin and pretty much invincible.

Zenki Roh Kokutei anime

Zenki over-estimates his own abilities

The over-estimation of his abilities comes back to bite him into his behind when Zenki meets the Inugami Roh and is easily defeated by the latter.

To clear this up:
Zenki attacks Roh with his full force and is stopped by the latter's pointer finger. This leads to a bored Roh, who just flings Zenki away with even more ease than Chiaki does when Zenki is in his Chibi form!

Unlike Goki who can freely change forms, Chibi Zenki can't regain his true form without Chiaki's help.

This forces him to rely on Chiaki, which he learns the hard way in Episode 26, when Chiaki favors Lulupapa over him and just tosses Zenki outside with the Bracelet of Protection. As Zenki can't use it to release his own seals he is forced to face Guren as a Chibi and fails miserably.

Later on his power is increased when Chiaki proves herself to the Diamond Dragon, gaining Zenki the Diamond Axe, need to defeat Karuma.

Great Demon God Zenki

Zenki's Great Demon God form is his third stage. In the original, Japanese version of the anime, this form is called "Cho Kishin Zenki". Great Demon God Zenki first appears in Episode 29 of the anime. It is also rarely referred to as Zenki's level 3 form.

When Goki joins the party, he enables Zenki to take on this form, which is done by Goki lending his power to Zenki. This is done by Chiaki and Goki casting the Vajura-Mahar spell, which starts out with Chiaki using the Bracelet of Protection as usual, which is followed by Goki sending his energy towards Zenki.

Zenki lets out a fierce roar and smoke comes from his body after finishing his transformation. Chiaki usually continues by calling the Diamond Dragon, which leads to Great Demon God Zenki armed with the Diamond Axe facing the foe.

As Zenki's power grows, so does his pride and his big ego. This makes him even more playful and reckless, ironically leading to Great Demon God Zenki getting handed his behind even more often then his original Demon God form.

While this at first allows Zenki to turn the tables and completely annihilate Roh in battle, he soon enough gets screwed over by all kinds of Hyouijuu.

Despite giving up quite a bit of his strength to empower Zenki, Goki is still around. Whenever Zenki messes up, Goki will be there to take over, protecting both Zenki and the others with his Heavenly Shield and his Immovable Dragon Staff.

In comparision, even in this weakened state, Goki (in his Level 1 form, as a 12 years old kid) form is way more powerful than Great Demon God Zenki (Zenki's Level 3 form, as a grown man of 2,10 m), which more often than not disproves Zenki's claim of being "the strongest Kishin".

Obviously, Zenki would never admit that he isn't the strongest Kishin, but Goki wisely chooses to just let Zenki be Zenki.


While Great Demon God Zenki in the manga is revived by Goki's light, this never happens in the anime, so it's unknown, if his Great Demon God form from the anime also has the Light element or not.

Perfect Demon God Zenki

Zenki's Perfect Demon God form is basically an upgraded version of Zenki's Great Demon God form. In the original, Japanese version of the anime, this form is called "Kanzen Kishin Zenki", but in the English version, it has no official name. Perfect Demon God Zenki first appears in the final Episode of the anime.

When even Great Demon God Zenki's and Goki's power isn't enough to defeat Kokutei's new form of a powerful, spaceship-like, world ending beast, Zenki, Chiaki and Goki fuse together, forming Perfect Demon God Zenki.

So Perfect Demon God Zenki is Zenki keeping his physical body while Chiaki and Goki unite their powers and souls with his. It not only is proof of their trust in each other, but it allows them to unleash enough power to win a battle, which seemed utterly hopeless before their fusion.

In this form, Zenki turns into a state where he always has the power of Rudra without using it or utilizing the Diamond Axe. This is obviously very tiring for him, as the episode ends with Zenki ending up in his Chibi form and almost dying from exhaustion.

It is only thanks to Goki's powers of protection and revival that allow Zenki, Chiaki and Goki to savely return to earth from the vacuum of space, where they return to their home, the Enno Shrine.

Interestingly it seems that Zenki's Perfect Demon God is the only one of his forms that is capable of flying. This can be seen shortly after Zenki, Chiaki and Goki have fused into this new form, when Perfect Demon God Zenki takes off and flies towards the Kokutei to fight him.

The Light element in this form comes from the constant Rudra engulfing Zenki. The pure light is tiring to Zenki, because while his soul is light, his body is darkness, this Rudra and its pure light harm Zenki.


The part where Rudra tires out Zenki and almost kills him because of his body being darkness kinda implies that he never gained the light element in his Great Demon God form, which would make him way weaker than his manga counterpart.

Zenki in general

Remember that Zenki cannot transform by himself. Most of the time, he is in his Chibi form and needs Chiaki with her Bracelet of Protection to be tranformed into his Demon God form.

As mentioned earlier in Chibi Zenki's entry, he can't transform himself even when he has the Bracelet of Protection with him and trying to use the Vajura-On-Ark spell.

It is likely that Ozunu did this on purpose as if things were that easy, Zenki would just turn back into his true form, leave his master and probably get himself killed because of his big ego, which would be bad for both Zenki and his master.

As noted in the entry for Zenki's Great Demon God form, he needs both Chiaki and Goki to attain this form, who will then cast the Vajura-Mahar spell:

  • Chiaki: "Vajura, Mahar... Samaskara!"
  • Goki: "Arrive, Five Greats!" (unconfirmed)
  • Great Demon God Zenki: "Rajas! Great Demon God Zenki! Let's celebrate my arrival!"

(-- most recent translation by Zenki)

Older, fixed version

  • Chiaki: "Vajura, Mahar... Samaskara!"
  • Goki: "Arrive, Five Greats!"
  • Ultimate Demon God Zenki: "Rajas! The Ultimate Demon God Zenki has been resurrected!"

(-- older, fixed translation by Semerone)

Oldest version from the anime sub / dub

  • Chiaki: "Vajura, Mahar... Samaskara!"
  • Goki: "Arrive, Five Greats!"
  • Ultimate Guardian Zenki: "Rajas! The Ultimate Guardian Zenki has been resurrected!"


In the manga, Zenki has six forms.
(One of these is exclusive to a single chapter of the manga and can be found in the Alternate Timeline section of this tabber, while another one only appears in flashbacks and history books.)

His transformation line goes as follows:

Chibi -> Demon God -> Great Demon God -> Perfect Demon God ->
Battle Demon God

Chibi Zenki

Zenki's Chibi or child form is his first stage. Chibi Zenki first appears in Volume 1 of the manga. It is also rarely referred to as Zenki's level 1 form.

This form is same as in the anime, only that he sometimes can transform without Chiaki's help. This is contrary to his Anime counterpart who can never transform by himself.

Chibi Zenki is able to transformation without Chiaki's help if he's extremely furious. Yet, this isn't reliable as it seems to fail at the worst possible times.

Even Ozunu mentions this in the manga, when Chiaki tells Zenki to get as furious as possible to transform himself, only to fail and get badly battered by Amon's moth monster Gaki.

When Chiaki and Zenki are very desperate and Chiaki doesn't want Zenki to get killed, Ozunu entrusts her with the spell and Zenki is able to return to his true form. Although he can now only return to his true form if Chiaki wants him to.

Unlike his toned down anime counterpart, manga Chibi Zenki's character is way more fleshed out. Later in the series, he is even proud as a Chibi and turns bratty and reckless.

While Chibi Zenki still adapts to situations and acts more intelligent than his big self, he always values his freedom and his pride over his friends.

This becomes rather obvious, when even in Volume 9, when Ozunu tests Chiaki's bond with her guardian warriors, a badly wounded Chibi Zenki wants Chiaki to transform him so he can regain his freedom, while the badly wounded Akira wants to transform to protect his friends.

While nothing is wrong with wanting to be free, Chibi Zenki doesn't change his ways even 9 volumes into the 12 volumes of the manga, showing that he isn't willing to change beyond his mere adaption to the circumstances.

Demon God Zenki

Zenki's Demon God form is his second stage. In the original, Japanese version of the manga, this form is called "Kishin Zenki". Demon God Zenki first appears in Volume 1 of the manga. It is also rarely referred to as Zenki's level 2 form.

While his general attitude and his moves are very similar to his Anime counterpart, manga Zenki is not only is way more powerful than his anime self, but also uses moves that are never seen in the Anime. These attacks can also be used in the SNES games Kishin Douji Zenki - Battle Raiden and Kishin Douji Zenki 2 - Den Ei Rai Bu.

Unlike his anime and ingame counterparts, Demon God Zenki from the manga also has minor differences in his appearance. While he starts out looking just like anime or ingame Demon God Zenki, he gains some kind of violet crystal in the middle of his chest when Chiaki uses a spell to recover Zenki's health in the Jushi ark, which not only causes Zenki to exclaim that he has been revived, but also allows him to use moves which are outside his usual elements, like the Wind-elemental "Gale Dragon" attack.

While Chiaki casts the wind, Zenki can increase its power, turning it into the aforementioned "Gale Dragon" move to blow out Kajura flame armor.

While loosing his Diamond Horns never becomes a big issue in the anime, as he never looses them there, it becomes a big deal for his manga counterpart, who ends up in lots of trouble without them.
(feel free to read the section "Rudra and Zenki's strength" for more details)

Later on learn that while Zenki's soul is made from light, his body is made from darkness, explaining why Rudra (which is pure light or lightning) hurts Zenki when he uses it. When Zenki to overuses Rudra against Hiki, it kills Zenki.

Zenki himself actually mentioned that using Rudra is like gambling his life in Volume 2, Chapter 3.2, after he used it to defeat Anjura.

But despite Zenki's death in Volume 4, he doesn't stay dead (thanks to Goki/Akira).

Cho Demon God Zenki

Zenki's Great Demon God form is his third stage. In the original, Japanese version of the manga, this form is called "Cho Kishin Zenki". Great Demon God Zenki first appears in Volume 4 of the manga. It is also rarely referred to as Zenki's level 3 form.

Like Demon God Zenki, this incarnation of Great Demon God Zenki is way more powerful and uses moves that are never used by his anime counterpart, although in Great Demon God Zenki's case there's an exception. He does use his moves from the manga and the games in the OVA episode.

Unlike his anime counterpart, which is transformed by Goki and Chiaki, manga Great Demon God Zenki actually comes to be, when Goki and Chiaki revive Zenki after he has been killed and sealed in a crystal ball by Hiki the Black Tortoise.

This revival (also called the "Strategy of Ressurection") is done like this:
First, Goki uses his five elements and draws a large circle with an equally large pentagram in it. Then, Chiaki places the crystal ball with Zenki in it in the middle. Goki shows some gestures and tells her how to revive Zenki. Hiki is still around and obviously doesn't like this, so Goki protects Chiaki and himself with a barrier to stop the furious Hiki who tries to kill them, while Chiaki goes ahead and does things exactly as Goki told her. When Hiki uses his arm cannon and breaks Goki's barrier, Zenki is revived just in time to stop Hiki from hurting Goki and Chiaki. With his new powers, Zenki defeats Hiki.

Unlike his anime counterpart, manga Great Demon God Zenki is revival causes him to return as a being of pure light. This chage also enables him to use the power of Rudra without harming himself and allows Zenki to reach his Perfect Demon God and Battle Demon God forms later on.

Perfect Demon God Zenki

Zenki's Perfect Demon God form is his fourth stage and an upgraded version of Zenki's Great Demon God form. In the original, Japanese version of the anime, this form is called "Kanzen Kishin Zenki", but in the English version, it has no official name. Perfect Demon God Zenki first appears in Volume 6 of the manga.

From the looks and abilities, this form is the same as in the Anime, but unlike his Anime counterpart, this one has Chiaki and Goki give Zenki their strength instead of Goki and Chiaki fusing with Zenki.

Other differences also include Zenki keeping the white coloration of his Perfect Demon God form and glowing white instead of the golden coloration and golden glow that are seen in the anime.

The Perfect Demon God form makes Zenki so powerful that in Volume 9, he even punches Vasara almost through the entire moon.

Yet, Zenki's power in this form seems to be heavily dependant on his allies, as his friends' prayers increase his strength, while without people that believe in him, Perfect Demon God Zenki is barely stronger than Great Demon God Zenki. This is both the case for his manga and his anime version, yet in the manga it's mostly his friends praying for him and believing in Zenki's strength, while in the anime it's all people of Shikigami-chou!

This also explains how he can overpower such foes as Vasara in the manga or Kokutei's final from the anime, but also makes this form's weakness very obvious.

Perfect Demon God Zenki's strength is also his weakness.

Battle Demon God Zenki

Zenki's Battle Demon God form is his fifth stage. In the original, Japanese version of the manga, this form is called "Tou Kishin Zenki". Battle Demon God Zenki first appears in the final Volume of the manga. It is also rarely referred to as Zenki's level 4 form.

This form not only is Manga exclusive, I also only appears in a single Volume.

Zenki becomes Tou Kishin Zenki when Chiaki gets worried about him, because he wants to use Rudra again, despite the fatal result it lead to back in Volume 4.

Zenki goes to his limit, but thanks to Chiaki's love for her demon gods, he doesn't die, but evolves into something different and more powerful than before.

This allows him to help Goki and defeat Kyo (a Hyouijuu with a mohawk and tiger-like stripes), who previously was too powerful for both level 3 Goki and Cho Kishin Zenki together.

More content will be added soon.

Ancient Demon God Zenki

Zenki's Ancient Demon God form is the equivalent to his modern Demon God form. Ancient Demon God Zenki first appears in Volume 1 of the manga.

This is what Zenki looked like 1300 years ago. Like his modern self, he only possesses two elements: Fire and Thunder. Despite Zenki's common arguement that "he's the strongest Kishin", it actually might not be true, as both Goki and Vasara were already superior to him in the ancient days as seen in the manga. Zenki's ancient Demon God form is only seen in flashbacks and history books and has a way more threatening appearance then his modern self.

More on Zenki's "moves" can be read in the corresponding games' pages or the Rudra and Zenki's strength-tabber.

Alternate timeline

These forms are Zenki's forms from the official timeline. There is also an alternate timeline in Manga Volume 5 Chapter 3, where Chibi Zenki has another transformation, exclusive to that one chapter.

This form, which has been formerly dubbed as "Pentagram Zenki", has now been confirmed to be an earlier design of the main series' Demon God Zenki.

Comparing "Pentagram Zenki"'s line from pages 186 and 187 of Volume 5 to the ones of Demon God Zenki from pages 156 and 157 of Volume 1 confirms this.

To do: Translate the lines from the aforementioned pages and add them here.

It is unknown, why the creators of the series changed Demon God Zenki's design, though it has been changed early on in the series, as the chapter featuring "Pentagram Zenki" goes from the point, where Chiaki first encounters Chibi Zenki to till shortly after Zenki defeats his first Hyouijuu.

This makes this form exclusive to this alternate timeline. Also in this earlier version, Chibi Zenki transforms into "Pentagram Zenki" all by himself, which he isn't able to the final version's official timeline.

In this earlier version, the series also featured a Chiaki, who wasn't a descendant of Ozunu Enno, but rather a girl from another shrine, that was just very curious about the Enno family and came across Ozunu-Sama's story and the Bracelet of Protection while studying his book, which she found by sheer chance.

Manga exclusive forms

  • The following forms only appear in the Manga: Battle Demon God Zenki and Pentagram Zenki.
  • As Zenki's Pentagram form has no official name I felt free to dub it by myself, giving it a name based on facts concerning this form. Thus all credit for this form's dubbed name goes to Semerone.
  • The reasons why I dubbed Zenki's Manga exclusive forms the way I did, can be found in my Semerone's to do list section on Zenki

Original Video Animation

Being more remniscent of the series' manga than the anime, Kishin Douji Zenki Gaiden: Anki Kitan (better known as the "Kishin Douji Zenki OVA") features it's own incarnation of Zenki.

Interestingly, Zenki's forms in this timeline behave just like in the manga. He keeps his strongest form as his definitive form instead of having a lengthy transformation of Chiaki always turning him into a Demon God and then having Chiaki and Goki turn him into his Great Demon God form.

This enables Chiaki, to directly turn Zenki from his Chibi form into his Great Demon God form.

So here is OVA Zenki's transformation line:

Chibi -> Great Demon God

Chibi Zenki

Chibi Zenki is Zenki's first form. He first appears sitting inside a roof.

He has followed Chiaki when she left to visit another village to exorcise the titular Anki Kitan (Dark Demon).

She knows that he's there and asks him what he thinks, which causes Zenki to ask her about the killings (the Anki Kitan has killed a few people). He then jumps down, snatches Chiaki's food and eats it in front of her.

Despite being more thoughtful than his manga and anime counterparts, he still keeps his usual disrespectful attitude towards Chiaki. Before Chiaki can yell at him, Zenki tells her about an "evil wind".

Instead of arguing, they keep talking to each other in a calm manner. Zenki even takes some tea and drinks it.

That is until they are interrupted by their host, which causes Chibi Zenki to leap away without making a noise.

He later reappears at 20:14, when the Anki Kitan has risen, as Zenki smelled it from afar and followed it. He makes a scary face as he preys on the monster.

This soon enough leads to Zenki meeting up with Chiaki again.

Great Demon God Zenki

When the Anki Kitan notices Chiaki, her host and an elderly woman, they are surprised attacked by it. Shortly after this, Chibi Zenki enters the fight, too and is slapped away into the distance.

Chiaki whispers the Vajura-On-Ark spell, but that's enough to activate the Bracelet of Protection's powers.

At first only the Cho Kain ojin ("Great Breath of the Flame King") is seen shooting from the bushes, where Chibi Zenki crashed in the previous scene, but then Great Demon God Zenki emerges from the flames and tackles the Anki Kitan head on.

22:20 reveals his silhoutte, which obviously depicts him in his Great Demon God form, implying that Zenki just completely skipped his Demon God form.

UG Zenki scar OVA

Great Demon God Zenki's scar

Zenki faces the Anki Kitan in a fierce fight. Unlike the anime and similar to the manga, even blood flows as Zenki can clearly be seen with cuts from the monster's claws across his face.

Zenki doesn't toy with his foe, he goes all out using the Raigeka and his Diamond Horns, facing the beast in an all out brawl.

Once he has defeated the monster, the village returns to normal and the aforementioned killings end.

After this, Chiaki notices that the human sacrificies were the reason why the Anki Kitan rose. Everything is done and Zenki and Chiaki leave the village.

Wounded Chibi Zenki, wounded Chiaki

Chibi Zenki scar OVA

Chibi Zenki's scar

  • The weirdest part about this is how Chiaki didn't heal Zenki as even Chibi Zenki keeps the scars from his fight against the Anki Kitan. This makes no sense as Chiaki clearly has enough strength that she could heal Zenki's wounds and her OVA counterpart takes many clues from her manga incarnation.
  • After checking it out again, it's likely that Chiaki didn't do this on purpose and it might be a representation of her own mental scar after what the two young women from the "Ibuki house" did to her.