Zenki's Awakening

The Volume: Zenki's Awakening is the first of twelve volumes of the original Kishin Douji Zenki manga series.

It introduces the reader to the main cast of the series, various tools used by the protagonists and antagonists, as well as the main location of the series' events.

The original, Japanese title of this volume is Zenki kakusei no maki, which is featured via it's Kanji and Furigana writings, which are 前鬼覚醒の巻 and ゼンキかくせいのまき respectively.

While the Kanji writing can be both found on the cover and in the table of contents of the physical copy, the Furigana writing is only present in the table of contents.

Table of Contents

Author Comment

This is a translation of Yoshihiro Kuroiwa's author comment, that can be found on the backside of the manga's cover:

Volume 1 author comment section art

The image from the author comment section, showing a self portrait of Mr. Kuroiwa.

Yoshihiro Kuroiwa (aka 黒岩よしひろ or Kuroiwa Yoshihiro)

Chilling out...
And in one whack Volume 1 was out!!!

As of our transfer from weekly to monthly releases, we deliver our first entry of the "Kishin Douji ZENKI" series.

This work is my first manga. Whether you are reading this for fun, or if you have been reading my works since the old days, please enjoy it.

As of now, the three-legged race with Tani-Sensei has already begun.

Whether you check out this series in the short or in the long run, please respond!!!

やつと ( ? ) でましただい1かん!!

しゆうかんからげつかんにうつリ, はじめてのれんさんの"きしんどうじ ゼンキ"をおとどけします。

このさくひんではじめておいらのまんがよんだかたも, むかしからよんでくださってるフアンのかたも, どーかたのしんでください。



やつと ( ? ) 出ました第1巻!!

週刊から月刊に移リ,初めての連載の"鬼神童子 ZENKI"をお届けします。

この作品で初めておいらのまんが読んだ方も, 昔から読んで下さってるフアンの方も, どーか楽しんで下さい。



Manga Release Notes

Monthly Shonen Jump
Issue of December 1992 ~
Issue of March 1993
Post Publication Recording



  • The header image, that appears at the top of every manga volume's table of contents, starting from Volume 1, has been the template for the menu background in the first SNES Zenki game Kishin Douji Zenki - Battle Raiden. This becomes obvious when putting both of them into direct comparision without the menu elements.


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