Glitch Karuma is an inofficial character from the Kishin Douji Zenki series.

She is a variant of Karuma's second form, sporting a glitched palette that gives her a very strange coloration.

Glitch Karuma has light orange skin, orange hair and green eyes. She wears a dark red priest robe and a hat with an odd reflection.

She is a character exclusive to Kishin Douji Zenki 2 - Den Ei Rai Bu.

Anime Sequence Battle

Glitch Karuma is a character exclusive to the multiplayer Anime Sequence Battle mode. If the player is setting her as an AI opponent, she will behave exactly the same as regular Karuma.

Glitch Karuma's moveset is also identical to regular Karuma's, so feel free to check out Karuma's Ingame stats and behaviour-section for Den Ei Rai Bu if you want to know how more about her ingame behaviour.

Why is there a Glitch Karuma?

In Den Ei Rai Bu, almost all characters that appear in the Anime Sequence Battles, also have an alternate palette. Although these are only used in the game's multiplayer mode and only if both players choose the same character.

This usually leads to things like Zenki fighting a doppelganger with green hair or Goura fighting a doppelganger with red clothes and red eyes. The only exceptions to this are Chiaki and Karuma's second form.

While it is unknown why the green haired Zenki's Chiaki doesn't have her own alternate palette, there's a good reason why Karuma's second form's alternate palette is so odd.

Not only is playing as Karuma's second form possible by using cheats, it is also very likely that two second form Karumas fighting each other was never meant to happen ingame.

Glitch Karuma's palette is clearly messed up as the developer never intended a second second form Karuma to be played. Her palette is probably read from data that isn't even meant to be used as a character's color palette.


  • Glitch Karuma's palette is always the same, no matter what stage is chosen for the Anime Sequence Battle in multiplayer. This means that her palette is read from data which doesn't change when playing another ingame stage.
    • If another character is chosen by the second player and the first player plays as second form Karuma, while the cheat for the second sescond form Karuma is active, the second player's character will sport the same odd palette as Glitch Karuma.
  • Glitch Karuma's name was given to her by Semerone, who not only found out about Glitch Karuma's existence by researching new cheats in multiplayer mode for testing purposes, but also decided that second second form Karuma would be a very odd name.



Special Attacks

Shadow Ravens

Black Hole Shot

Fire Dragon