This page is a subpage of the article for the third Kishin Douji Zenki SNES game: Kishin Douji Zenki 3 - Tenchi Meidou.

This page showcases the various Hyouijuu from Tenchi Meidou's Battle Mode. It also features details on their elements, behaviour and various abilities.

Feel free to check out the Cloning Blues Brothers' article if you want to know more about Karuma's game exclusive Zenki clones instead.

If you want to know more about Tenchi Meidou's features two ingame modes, you can find that information on the Gameplay Mechanics subpage.

More information on the individual foes will be added soon...


Basan and Fuuso

The Basan and Fuuso are bird-like enemies. They sport two pointy, mule-like ears and a horn on top of their head. Instead of a usual bird-tail on their behind they have a huge beak mounted to their crotch instead.

Feel free to visit their article by clicking here or clicking on their names,
if you want to know more in-depth information about Basan and Fuuso.

Bau and Daruma

The Bau and Daruma are fat monsters with six arms and a single, large eye. They sport two tails on their back and they have two feet. Their face is always in an upside-down position as their mouth is where their forehead is supposed to be.

Bubudou and Buidou

The Bubudou and Buidou are humanoid enemies. They sport a single eye, a mouth, six arms and two legs. They seem to be wearing some kind of body armor.

Chapter 2.2 of Kishin Douji Zenki manga Volume 1 refers to one specimen as Gehoumen, which doesn't appear in any of the Kishin Douji Zenki games and has no associated color.

Feel free to visit Bubudou's and Buidou's article by clicking here. The article currently features a detailed documentation of Buidou's anime counterpart, but more content on his and Bubudou's ingame selves will be added soon!

Buru and Mintsuchi

The Buru and Mintsuchi look like some kind of mixture between a seahorse and a boar. This is further referred by the name Buru which is a Japanese play on the English word for boar.

The Buru and Mintsuchi sport a seahorse-like body with a boar's head mounted onto it.

Byakko and Onikuma

Denka and Ganji

Endoku and Zouso

Fuu, Mafuu, Moho and Mohoho

Fuu tenchi meidou Mafuu tenchi meidou Moho tenchi meidou Mohoho tenchi meidou
The Fuu, Mafuu, Moho and Mohoho are the weakest monsters in the entire game. They can only use the physical and the shield card, yet there is still a diference between Fuu's four forms. They all have a slightly different behaviour, which makes them more offensive, defensive or balanced.

They all look like small bunnies. Yet unlike a real bunny, their body is made up by their head, whose face features a single eye and a mouth. They stand on two feet, possess two stubby arms and have two ears.

Their behaviour still needs more research...

Genbu and Gongo

Gotochi, Mu Tsuto and Shi Tsuyo

Defense Om Gotochi tenchi meidou
Gotochi is a very dangerous enemy early on in the game. It is not only able to use Om, it also always starts out with maxed out attack points. If the player manages to stop it with the seal card, Gotochi can still use an absorb card, to absorb a foolish player's next non-shieldbreaker attack to instantly max out its single attack point again. Don't be fooled by its single attack point. Gotochi's Om attack will still oneshot your character, which makes it some kind of a wake up enemy.

Defense Om Shi Tsuyo tenchi meidou
Just like Gotochi, Shi Tsuyo is very dangerous, but still slightly less threatening as it starts out with 299 attack points. But beware! Don't underestimate Shi Tsuyo, as it knows Om as well and will trick a foolish player by using the aborb card, again oneshotting them with Om.

Mu Tsuto tenchi meidou
Now take a breath. The third one, the Mu Tsuto, luckily isn't as dangerous as the other ones.
First, it can't use Om. Second, it starts out with 90 AP but this doesn't really matter because of the first point.

But they look like they appear early ingame!?

It is very likely that the order in which they appear ingame relates to their "threat level", going from the least dangerous to the most dangerous, yet from the author's experience, the game indeed seems to randomize them, leading to very dangerous foes indeed appearing early on in the game, if the player has really bad luck. So feel free to quickly check out this wiki article before going out unprepared and getting oneshotted.

Gyukuki and Gyuuki

Haeyami and Mutara

Haeyami tenchi meidou Mutara tenchi meidou
Both Haeyami and Mutara can only use ice, wind and physical attacks, yet they are also able to use various defense cards, making them balanced foes early ingame. Besides their difference in health, Haeyami and Mutara also sport a slightly different AI, regarding their aggressiveness. The former seems more towards the defensive side while the latter is slightly more offense oriented.

Hidaru and Rohikka

Hidaru tenchi meidou Rohikka tenchi meidou
Not only are both Hidaru's and Rohikka's offensive abilities limited to the use of physical and earth attacks, their defense options are also limited to the shield card. This makes them very easy opponents, which are well suited early ingame. Their only difference (besides their different colors) is their AI, which makes Hidaru more the defensive type, while Rohikka tends to attack more often.

Kagekison and Wanyuudeu

Kazenbou and Madou

Menreki and Tsuteso

Noiso and Takusu

Okusoinu and Rasetsu

Osabi and Yanaji

Shayon and Yongo

Manchi and Teitei

The Hyouijuu Manchi and Teitei look exactly the same...
That is as long as they don't attack you or get harmed by your attacks, which will reveal their true appearance as a centipede-like monster.

You can also tell which one is which, if you roughly know their difference in health and attack point stats.

Monster traits

Manchi attack
Manchi can only use physical and earth attacks, but it is able to use various defense cards.

Teitei attack
Teitei can only use physical and earth attacks. It's defensive abilities are limited to the shield card.


  • Despite the many palette swaps, the game still features a great variety of enemies. Most of them possess different stats, elements and every single enemy has its own behaviour. This even goes for Fuu and its different forms, which seem very much the same, but will attack and defend in different intervals.

More content will be added soon...