Kishin Douji Zenki 3 - Tenchi Meidou

Kishin Douji Zenki 3 - Tenchi Meidou is the third of 3 Super Nintendo games based on the Kishin Douji Zenki series.

It was the fifth Kishin Douji Zenki game to be released for the home consoles in Japan and hit the stores on February 23, 1996.

Tenchi Meidou is notable for being the only Kishin Douji Zenki game to feature Lulupapa and Vasara in it, merging the manga's and the anime's timelines, as well as introducing new characters.

Most of the time Tenchi Meidou is played as a board game, where the player has to collect as many items on the field as possible, before their enemies can, while utilizing multiple magical spells to change the ingame tiles to their advantage and to hinder the the enemies.

The player traverses the overworld as Chibi Zenki and Chiaki, where Chiaki will use the aforementioned magical spells for her and Zenki's needs. When the player moves onto a tile with an enemy, an encounter will be triggered. Demon God Zenki will then fight the enemy in a card battle. The player will need to select cards from a roulette to use powerful attack and defense moves.

Gameplay Mechanics

Tenchi Meidou generally features two ingame modes, the Board Game Mode, which acts as the game's overworld and the Battle Mode, which features roulette styled card battles with various elemental attacks and defense moves.

While the former mainly focuses on completing set objectives and manipulating the terrain, the latter generally has two characters enter a battle and fight each other by using cards in a strategic manner.

More information on Tenchi Meidou's gameplay mechanics can be found on the following subpage:
Tenchi Meidou Gameplay Mechanics.

The individual sections Gameplay Mechanics (Board Game Mode) and Gameplay Mechanics (Battle Mode) explain the various mechanics of Tenchi Meidou's ingame modes.

Game Overs?

Main Game

If the player fails the stage objectives (like, for example, defeating all foes in a set anmount of turns), they will need to restart the Stage they are currently playing. This game has no lives and no actual Game Over. The Stages can be replayed as many times as needed to win them.

Multiplayer Game

The only exception is the Multiplayer Game, where the player will be remote controlled by their foe for one turn after being defeated. After this, they will be able to continue playing as usual. This is obviously only the case as long no one collects the last item on the map, which ends the round instead.

Though this only counts for Board Game Mode matches. Being defeated in a Battle Mode match will end the game and instantly declare the winner instead.


Japanese title and translations

  • In Japan, Kishin Douji Zenki - Tenchi Meidou is known via the Kanji and Furigana writings of
    鬼神童子 ゼンキ - 天地鳴動 and きしんどうじ ゼンキ - てんち めいどう respectively
  • Both the Kanji and the Furigana writing translate as "Demon God Child Zenki - Battle between Heaven and Earth", although "Tenchi Meidou" can also mean "Ringing between Heaven and Earth" or "Rumble between Heaven and Earth". Despite this, the meaning of the words stays the same.

The Good Guys

  • Zenki Chibi Zenki mug Tenchi Meidou
    • The titular main character. In this game, he both appears in his Chibi and Demon God forms. You mainly play as him in Battle Mode.
  • Chiaki Enno Chiaki mugshot Tenchi Meidou
    • One of the main characters. You mainly play as her in Board Game Mode.
  • Ozunu Enno Ozunu Enno mug 2 Tenchi Meidou
    • Chiaki's ancestor. He teaches you the basics of the Board Game Mode's gameplay mechanics.
  • Goki Goki mugshot Tenchi Meidou


  • Miki Souma Miki Souma mug Tenchi Meidou
    • A rouge monk. In the beginning he serves as a tutor like Ozunu. Later on, he joins your party.
  • Anju Anju mugshot Tenchi Meidou
    • She starts out as Miki Souma's girlfriend and soon joins your party, but is later brainwashed into being Karuma's servant. The latter of cause turns her into an enemy, later in the game.
    • It is still unknown if there's a way to save Anju and free her from Karuma's control.
  • The Inugami Roh Roh mugshot Tenchi Meidou
    • He first appears as an enemy, but later joins your party.
  • Kokutei

The Bad Guys

  • Chimaru Chimaru mugshot Tenchi Meidou
    • Being a member of Roh's Shitennou, Chimaru first appears an enemy, but when Roh decides to join your party, Chimaru soon follows his master and joins you as well.
  • Vasara Vasara board mode sprite Tenchi Meidou
    • Being a former member of Ozunu's guardians, Vasara was sealed away because he threatened humanity. In this game he returns as rouge Demon God that appears as a boss late in the game.
  • Goura Goura mugshot Tenchi Meidou
    • He is one of Karuma's servants and Guren's mentor.
  • Guren Guren mugshot Tenchi Meidou
    • Another one of Karuma's servants. He is very loyal.
  • Karuma Karuma mugshot Tenchi Meidou
    • She is the game's final boss the major villain of the Karuma ark.
    • While in the overworld she is only appears in her human form, but in battle she is only featured in her tree form instead.


Characters Gallery


Battle Mode

Playable Characters


Karuma's ingame sprite has been censored to be consistent with Wikimedia's rules.

Character Selection Limitations

It might strike the player as odd, but while all characters (excluding Chiaki and Ozunu, who only appear in Board Game mode and the cutscenes) can be played as in Battle Mode the same can't be said for Board Game mode. Battle Mode also features special limitations on which characters the player can choose.

More about these limitations will be explained in the following sections.

Board Game Mode

While the main game's Board Game Mode obviously limits the player to the characters in their party, starting out with Chiaki only, who is soon joined by Chibi Zenki, things are handled differently in Multiplayer.

In Multiplayer, all playable characters from the main game are available from the start and up to four players can join the game, though characters can only be selected once, so it's impossible for two players to play as Roh (for example) at the same time.

The playable characters in this mode are Zenki and Chiaki (counting as a single character or team like in the main game), Miki Souma, Anju, Roh, Goki and Chimaru.

Other characters might still randomly appear on the overworld (if monsters are enabled), but they will be controlled by the computer and will be hostile.

Battle Mode

Unlike Board Game Mode, Battle Mode features all characters from the entire game, altough it has limitations as well. Also, Battle Mode can only be played with a maximum of two players facing off against each other.

While the second player can choose any character from the game (again excluding Chiaki and Ozunu), the first player can only play as Zenki, Miki Souma, Anju, Roh, Goki or Chimaru.


  • It is unknown why the developers chose to make only certain characters available in the game's multiplayer mode, yet the selection is obviously limited to the main game's heroes.

Playing with others or the computer

While the main game is obviously a single player game, the multiplayer mode allows the following:

Board Game Mode

This game mode allows up to four players to compete with each other at the same time. While the actual game needs at least two players to participate, the second player can also be an AI instead of a real player.

Ingame the following gameplay settings are possible:

One player competing with up to three AIs:

1P - COM
1P - COM - COM
1P - COM - COM - COM

Two players competing with up to two AIs:

1P - 2P
1P - 2P - COM
1P - 2P - COM - COM
1P - COM - 3P
1P - COM - 3P - COM
1P - COM - COM - 4P

Three players competing with up to one AI:

1P - 2P - 3P
1P - 2P - 3P - COM
1P - 2P - COM - 4P
1P - COM - 3P - 4P

Or just four players competing with each other:

1P - 2P - 3P - 4P

Battle Mode

Unlike Board Game Mode, Battle Mode actually allows you to watch battles instead of having at least the first player to participate ingame.

This not only allows you to watch and enjoy and AI showoff, it also allows you to think up strategies to beat them.

Again these are the gameplay settings available for this mode:

1P - COM
1P - 2P

Choosing the COM versus COM mode will allow you to select the characters as usual and then lead to the aforementioned AI showoff, where you can just sit back and watch the two AIs fight each other.

Multiplayer's Battle Mode throws you right into battle

Just keep in mind that unlike the main game, this Battle Mode doesn't allow you to build up attack points before starting a match, making some matchups very unfair. Examples of this are Haira, Vasara, Karuma and Kokutei, as they are able to pretty much oneshot their opponents if the AI feels especially moody and one of the following situations occurs:

Haira tenchi meidou
  • The player chose Haira as an AI opponent.
    • Haira's AI draws extremely fast, starts out with maxed out attack points and only has Om cards Defense Om in his card roulette.
    • In fact, if he is set as an AI opponent, he will draw and attack before the player has any chance to reach a point in their roulette, wich would allow them to draw a seal card, which would allow them to prevent him from attacking in first place.
      • This is regardless, which character the player is currently controlling.
      • Due to these facts, Haira is absolutely deadly, if faced in Battle Mode and probably the most dangerous character ingame.
    • The only way to defeat him would be by taking him out on the Board Game Mode map, which is not possible in Multiplayer Battle Mode, due to being thrown straight into battle.

Vasara battle mode sprite Tenchi Meidou
  • Vasara's AI decides to strike first Attack Physical
    • He can kill some characters instantly with a one card attack or at least deal a great deal of damage, ensuring that even if your character survived the first hit, they will go down the next round
    • Goki is the only character who can survive this, if he manages to pull off a three card or four card shield and Vasara's doesn't use the shield breaker version of his attack (aka two physical cards in a row)

Karuma tree game
  • Karuma's AI decides to use the Om card Defense Om
    • As she starts out with maxed out attack points, this will kill your character regardless what you do as using the Om card with maxed out attack points allows any character to oneshot their opponent

Kokutei Tenchi Meidou
  • If Kokutei manages to draw at least three light cards and isn't interrupted by a seal card, he is able to oneshot the player with a powerful light beam attack. This is regardless, if he is player controlled or not, but Kokutei's AI loves to draw these cards.
    • Again, Goki has pretty good chances of survival, if he manages to pull of the same shield moves as seen in the Vasara section, but other characters might survive Kokutei's attack, too, if they use their four card shield

Karuma's ingame sprite has been censored to be consistent with Wikimedia's rules.

Menus and Box Art


  • Tenchi Meidou's box art is especially notable for being
    the only Kishin Douji Zenki game box art with Goki in it.


Please visit the Cutscenes subpage for this article to view this entry,
as it is currently being translated into English and German.



Stage 1

Stage 2

Battle Mode



  • All credit for the translation of the CONFIG menu's entries and the ingame text
    in this section goes to Zenki. The screenshots were made by Semerone and Zenki.
    Other descriptions in this section were written by Semerone and Goki.

Karuma's ingame sprite has been censored to be consistent with Wikimedia's rules.


Goki punch Tenchi Meidou

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