The Shitennou

Shitennou manga

From the left to the right, this image shows the following characters:
Hiki the Black Tortoise,
Dokuro Sou the Blue Dragon,
Chimaru the Vermilion Phoenix
and Kimon the White Tiger.

The Shitennou are a group that follows and protects the Inugami Roh
and wants to help him achieve his goal in the manga and the following
three Kishin Douji Zenki games:

The aforementioned goal is to sacrifice Kokutei (after he has eaten 108 Hyouinomi and transfomred into a beast that "ends the world"), so Roh can "bring justice to this greed filled world".

That's how things are stated in the offical timeline as of Volume 4 of the manga.

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Official Members


Origin of the Shitennou
  • The Shitennou (四天王 or Shiten'nō), which translate as the "Four Heavenly Kings", are a set of gods who govern the cardinal directions in the Buddhist Religion.
Spelling and Pronounciation
  • The Shitennou are commonly misspelled as the "Shitenou", due to the second "n" in their name being omitted by either sheer mistake or due to the different Kanji writing in other languages.
  • The Shitennou are pronounciated as "Shiten no", due to the Japanese "ō" or "ou" being pronounciated as a drawn out "o".
Shitennou and Akuma
  • The Shitennou are the original manga counterparts of the anime's Akuma
    • This becomes notable when the reader compares their goals and their titles with the Akuma's goals and their translated names
What happened to Marubasu?
  • Despite what it seems like, Marubasu from Vajura Fight is not a member of the Shitennou!
    The game features him as major villain that is later reused as a minor foe in the manga, where he becomes a Hyouijuu that is easily dispatched by Great Demon God Zenki.
    The only affiliation Marubasu has to the Shitennou is, that he gets transformed by the Hyouinomi, that were sent out by the Inugami.

The individual Shitennou

Hiki the Black Tortoise

Chimaru the Vermilion Phoenix

Dokuro Sou the Blue Dragon

Kimon the White Tiger