This page is related to my translation project of the first Kishin Douji Zenki SNES game Kishin Douji Zenki - Battle Raiden. This page features the game's English script by Dynamic Designs and my German script. It is supposed to be viewed as a supplement to the game's article and the Testing and Cheats section of this wiki.

I wrote down the whole English script by taking screenshots of every possible ingame event and translated all of them. Please don't correct the mistakes present in the English version, as those aren't mistakes on my part. Those grammatical and spelling errors are actually present in the actual translation and fixing those would cause a hacker, who might research this project later on, to miss out on some details.

All available versions of my translated script can be found here:

A thread about my work can be found here:,22225.0.html

The script featured on this page will be the fully translated version 1.0 of the German script. For the other versions feel free to check out my Mediafire folder.

This page is being maintained by Semerone, the founder of this wiki. Please ask her before adding, removing or changing any content of this page or its sub pages listed below in the scripts-section.

The Scripts

Battle raiden intro 30

The individual scripts can be viewed and researched by clicking the following links: