Professor Kuwaori is a character from the Kishin Douji Zenki series. He is an elderly human man with greyish hair and black eyes. He can be often seen wearing a white lab coat, a white shirt, a blue tie, a black belt, ochre pants and brown shoes.

Professor Kuwaori is Miss Kazue's boss and a good friend of Akira Gotou. Like Kazue, Kuwaori also takes care of Akira, but unlike her, he is mostly interested in studying the Hyouinomi. This causes him to get into trouble, when he researches one and it breaks loose from its containment, transforming Kuwaori into a Hyouijuu.

Unlike Kazue, Kuwaori can be rarely seen outside his lab and only appears in a few anime episodes.

Kuwaori used to be assisted by another professor, known by the name Kyoji Gotou, but the latter was Akira's surrogate father that was killed by a group of Hyouijuu, when Karuma ordered them to attack the Gotou Mansion in an attempt to kill Akira.


One the same day where the Hyouijuu appear and kill Akira's father, Kuwaori finds a Hyouinomi near his lab causing him to take it with him to research it. While Miss Kazue escapes with Akira and meets Chiaki Enno and her friends at the Enno Shrine, Kuwaori continues researching the Hyouinomi. When the professor gets careless and gets his coffee mug, the Hyouinomi breaks loose and transforms him into a Hyouijuu. Luckily Chiaki, Zenki, Kazue, Akira and their friends come to his aid and Kuwaori is saved from Karuma's possesion.


Kuwaori devsketch manga

Professor Kuwaori as he appears in the devsketches section of Volume 8.

Professor Kuwaori appears in the dev sketches sections of Volume 8, which shows him together with Miss Kazue, Chiaki and Lulupapa.

Despite what seems that Kuwaori doesn't seem to appear anywhere else in the manga itself, the latter point still requires further research to be proven.


Professor Kuwaori doesn't appear in any of the Kishin Douji Zenki games.

Gallery (Anime)

Kuwaori's lab (Episode 27)

Kuwaori and Kazue (Episode 27)

Kuwaori himself (Episode 28)


  • Kuwaori is also known as Koori, which is a nickname and shouldn't be mistaken for Akira's surrogate father, who goes by the name of Kyoji Gotou.
    • The outro credits also refer to Kuwaori as the Professor.
  • In the English dub, he is also referred to as Kuri.