The PC-FX is a console released by NEC in 1994. It is a console exclusive to Japan, but recently some of its games have also been fan translated into English.


The console runs on CD's, which at the time was revolutionary. The console can hold two controllers. The console is shaped very similar to that of today's Nintendo Wii/WiiU, and has a similar controller like the Sega Genesis controller.

When a CD is inserted into the console through the slit on top of it, the game can be booted up with the console and chosen from the console's main menu by selecting the game's icon, featuring the game's title and a short description provided by the game producer.


Sadly the PC-FX was not generally too well received. Despite having revolutionary features like the aforementioned CD drive and some games featuring short ingame movie sequences, the console is poorly known and never made it overseas.

Kishin Douji Zenki games

Up to this day, only one Kishin Douji Zenki game has been released for this console, namely Kishin Douji Zenki FX - Vajura Fight.

It is one of the console's graphically superior games and a jump-and-run and street fighting arcade side-scroller. More about the Vajura Fight can be read in its related article.