Kyoji Gotou is a minor character from the Kishin Douji Zenki series. He is a middle aged human man and the surrogate father of Akira Gotou.

Kyoji has short, blue hair with a slightly greyish tint. He wears glasses and an ochre suit with a white shirt beneath it. He also wears some kind of necklace with a large, golden button attached to it.

Sadly we hardly get to know him as the episode that introduces him is also the one where he dies.


Akira Kyoji anime 4

Kyoji shoving Akira out of the way to save him from being impaled by Karuma's worms, which turned into spikes

When Kyoji is first introduced in the anime, he appears to be living in Gotou Mansion together with the young boy Akira. Kyoji works as a colleague to Professor Kuwaori and their assistant Kazue Hayami, who research paranormal activities and the recent monster outbreaks.

Soon enough, Goki appears in Akira's dreams for the first time and Akira starts to awaken to his destiny. When Karuma notices this and she sends various, ghost-like Hyouijuu to Gotou Mansion in an attempt to kill Akira before he can full awaken as Goki.

When the monsters attack the mansion, Kyoji heroically jumps in to save Akira, but gets impaled and tells Akira to run. Luckily, Akira is able to flee and gets rescued by Kazue, but there's no hope for Kyoji, who soon dies from his severe injuries.


Akira's parents and the Ancient Goki

Ancient Goki with Akira's parents (Volume 10)

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As the manga has Akira being raised by Shinsenbou and the other Yamabushi, Kyoji is an anime exclusive character.

This is further proved when, while we also see Akira's actual parents in one scene from the manga, Akira's real father bears no resemblance to Kyoji from the anime.

"The one scene from the manga"

The image on the right is actually from the scene where Akira sacrifices himself to save his friends and has a dying dream. In this dream, the Ancient Goki and Akira's parents appear to remind him that Chiaki and the others still need him and that he has to come back to aid them. This scene leads to Akira reaching the third stage of his transformation as Goki.

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Episode 27

Kyoji saves Akira (and dies...)

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