Kazue Hayami (commonly known as Miss Kazue) is a character from the Kishin Douji Zenki series. She is a human woman with brunette hair and brown eyes. She can be often seen wearing a violett jacket, an orange t-shirt, a pink hair circlet, red jeans and a black belt.

Miss Kazue is a good friend of Akira Gotou and acts a lot like a big sister. She always tries to protect him, even going as far as fighting the Hyouijuu all by her own by shooting at them with a special ghost buster gun. Kazue can be very quick to anger and will often recklessy get herself into fights with Chiaki and others.

Kazue works as Goki's protector and an assistant for Professor Kuwaori. Kazue and Professor Kuwaori both research paranormal activities and thus end up meeting Zenki and his friends.


One day a Hyouijuu appears and kills Akira's surrogate father Kyoji, causing Kazue to escape with Akira and driving her car into a tree near the Enno Shrine.

Kazue often comes over very callous towards Chiaki and the others, but this is because of her job as she has much deeper feelings than anyone can fathom.

Fate has positioned her to protect the reborn Goki during his most fragile state and since she did witness his earthly father killed before their eyes, she became over-protective so that she could somehow ease Akira's pain. Kazue even went as far as fighting against Zenki and Chiaki, all for Akira's sake, without knowing that the child she was protecting is the reincarnation of a legendary hero who will fight alongside with his master and comrade to give the world a new light of hope.

In the end, Zenki manges to the defeat the Hyouijuu which killed Akira's father.

At first Kazue couldn't warm up to Zenki, Chiaki and the others, yet the reason she decided to leave the Enno family was because her instinct told her that Professor Kuwaori was in danger due to his recent experiments on a "strange object", which turned out to be a Hyouinomi. Besides, Kazue didn't mean to take Akira with her, instead it was the awakening Goki inside him that unconsciously drove Akira to make the decision to join professor Kuwaori's rescue in Episode 28 of the anime.


Kazue devsketch manga

Kazue Hayami as she appears in the devsketches section of Volume 8.

Miss Kazue appears in the dev sketches sections of Volume 8, which shows her together with Professor Kuwaori, Chiaki and Lulupapa, yet Kazue doesn't appear in the manga itself.

In the manga she is replaced by Shinsenbou, who in turn is exclusive to the manga.


Miss Kazue doesn't appear in any of the Kishin Douji Zenki games.

Episode 27

Watching over Akira


Episode 28

Episode 29