Jukai Enno (also known as "abbot Jukai" or "The abbot Jukai") is a character from the Kishin Douji Zenki series. He is an elderly human man who wears a robe and a has a white beard. He is bald and has black eyes.

Jukai is Kuribayashi's mentor. The abbot Jukai is also Saki's brother and a 53rd generation decendant of Ozunu Enno.

In Volume 1 Chapter 2.1 of the Manga it is also stated that he is younger than Saki, as she refers to him as her little brother.


In the anime, Jukai and Kuribayashi mainly work as a comic duo. They try at being serious monks, though only Kuribayashi succeeds in doing so.

Jukai is very creative and attempts a great variety of tricks to make money. One of these includes him and Kuribayashi going on tour alongside Chibi Zenki to show him off like a circus monkey. Whenever Jukai gets creative, Kuribayashi will follow his advice, though sometimes, he will question Jukai's actions.

The abbot Jukai is also a wisecracker and loves to exaggerate women's proportions to show his liking towards them. This often results in Saki hitting him in the head with a fan to punish his rude behaviour.


In the manga, Jukai is way more serious than his anime version. Here, he acts as a mentor to Chiaki, very similar to Saki. He is also rarely seen with Kuribayashi and often hangs out at the Enno Shrine.

Volume 6

When Jukai, Goki, Zenki and Chiaki battle the Inugami's henchmen, Jukai beats them down, using his Exotic Crane Dance. He later passes this skill to Goki, who was so awestruck, he saw his chance to learn about a way that would allow him to defend Chiaki both with the power of Aether (his shields, healing and revival) and by using martial arts (which would allow him to defend Chiaki and the others regardless of his form). Goki later utilizes what he has learnt from Jukai, when he has to face Dokuro Sou, the latter of whom threatens Jukai's and Chiaki's lives.


He only appears in a few cutscenes of the second SNES game Kishin Douji Zenki 2 - Den Ei Rai Bu. He is a minor character and only has a few lines ingame.



In the original, Japanese manga, Jukai Enno is referred to as Enno Jukai or simply Jukai.

In this media, his full name is depicted via the Kanji and Furigana writings of 役寿海 and えんの じゅかい, while his given name only is depicted as 寿海 or じゅかい.

His given name is a play on the word "Sushi", which is a type of fish dish, referencing his funny and cheerful character.

Roles (Volume 6)

At the end of Volume 6, there is also a subsection featuring "roles".
These roles aren't roles of the characters themselves, but their Japanese voice actors from the anime.

For Jukai Enno, his voice actress is depicted via the Kanji and Furigana writings of 丸山詠二 and
まるやまえいじ. Both of them transliterate as "Maruyama Eiji", which is Eiji Maruyama's name written
in the Japanese naming order.



Volume 1 Chapter 2.1

Volume 6 - Jukai's Exotic Crane Dance

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Ingame (Den Ei Rai Bu)