The Inugami Roh is one of the main characters from the Kishin Douji Zenki series. He is a male Dog Deity with a humanlike appearance, who sports fuzzy, blonde hair, a pony tail and a necklace (which is was a birthpresent from his mother).

His eyecolor differs depending on his incarnation. While the manga features Roh having violet eyes, all of his other incarnations depict him with blue eyes.

The Inugami Roh is also known as simply Roh or the Inugami. He is also known as the "Prince of the Realm of the Dead" or the "Dog Deity Prince Roh", though these are only the case in the anime, where this stems from him being the son of King Engai, a character, that is only mentioned by name, but is never seen in the actual series.

Like his mother, Roh once used to be human, but his father raised him as an Inugami, so that the would forget his past as a human being and serve Engai as his heir. As such, Roh became the prince of the Realm of the Dead and didn't know about his mother until he had grown into a young man and met her again in Episode 46.

Roh is one of the major antagonists of the Inugami or Dog Deity ark, with the other one being Kagetora.

Roh owns a male pet wolf that goes by the name of Kokutei. Roh really loves his wolf and would do anything, so Kokutei can eat as many Hyouinomi as possible. If Roh succeeded in feeding Kokutei enough of these seeds, the latter would be able to become a ferocious, world ending beast, whose power Roh would then use to cleanse the world of its sins, aka ending the world as we know it by blasting everything to pieces.

For everyone else beside Kokutei, Roh shows hardly any feelings at all. This becomes clear, when the anime depicts one of Chiaki's friends falling in love with Roh and he shows her the cold shoulder.

Roh is very powerful and can defeat Demon God Zenki at ease with his only his finger. However, Great Demon God Zenki is vastly more powerful than Roh and turns the tables.

Roh mainly uses his fists, energy beams and teleporting techniques. He often also sends out Kokutei to aid him in battle.

The Relationship between Roh and Kokutei

The deep respect and love for Kokutei is exclusive to Roh from the anime.

Roh's manga counterpart only sees Kokutei as a tool and wants to sacrifice him as soon as Kokutei has transformed into a "demon beast that will threaten the world". Kokutei doesn't seem to notice this and only cares for the Hyouinomi.


Roh and Kokutei first appear after Zenki has defeated a powerful Hyouijuu at nighttime. When Zenki tries to eat the Hyouinomi as usual, Kokutei swiftly snatches it away and eats it in front of Zenki, greatly shocking the latter.

After that, Zenki hates Roh and Kokutei and they often get into fights over the Hyouinomi.

Differences between the Anime/Manga

Roh's followers

In the anime Roh often wanders around with Kokutei and doesn't seem to have any followers or something like that. His people often plot against him and even try to kill Roh. In one episode of the anime, they even kidnap Kokutei.

In the manga Roh is accompanied not only by Kokutei, but also by the Shitenou, which are led by Hiki the Black Tortoise. These are very powerful foes which try to protect Roh and Kokutei from Zenki and his friends, so Roh can "bring justice to this greed filled world".

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Roh's personality

Roh from the manga also has a different personality. While his anime self already has a huge ego, he softens up a bit sometimes. Not so with his manga version, who has an even bigger ego and is very reckless. Manga Roh doesn't care about others at all and only uses them as tools, while Anime Roh at least cares about Kokutei and a human girl (who is a friend of Chiaki). As mentioned earlier, Anime Roh first shows the girl the cold shoulder, but later on, he does care for her, even if he tries his best to hide it. (he is probably ashamed that he, as a Dog Deity, likes a human girl)

Timeline changes

While in the Anime, the Karuma ark is set before the Inugami ark, the manga doesn't even have a Karuma ark, as Karuma has been said to have been defeated by Ozunu, Zenki and Goki back in the past before the actual events of the manga.

Also Roh and Kokutei appear as early as in the fourth volume of the manga, while the anime has them appear very late (about halfway into the series).

While Karuma and her servants don't appear in the manga's actual storyline, they do show up in the devsketches sections. More on this can be read in the manga related section of Karuma's article.



  • In the manga, the Inugami Roh is referred to by the Furigana and Kanji writings of いぬがみろう
    and 犬神狼 respectively.
    • His name translates as the "Dog Deity Wolf", as the Kanji 狼 (Okami) translates as "wolf". Though, as names aren't translated, the actual translation would be the "Dog Deity Roh".
    • In Japanese, his name is written as ろう, which is transliterated and pronounced "Rō". This becomes "Roh" in the official, English versions of the series.


  • Sometimes the Inugami Roh is also called the "Dog Deity Prince".
    In Japanese, this makes him the "Inugami Ouji" (犬神主).
  • The name of his voice actor Ichijou Kazuya is pronounced as "Ichijo Kazuya" with a drawn out "o".
    (the same goes for the "Ouji" in the above entry)


  • Roh's name is sometimes mistranslated as Inugami Rou or Inugamiro

In the Games

Roh appears in two of the Kishin Douji Zenki games, the SNES game Tenchi Meidou and the NEC PC-FX game Vajura Fight.

Tenchi Meidou

In this game, Roh is a major character and a boss, but later becomes an ally that joins Zenki and his friends. What happens to his wolf Kokutei is unknown, as the latter only appears as an enemy.

Ingame, Roh is called "Inugami Roh" after his title. His ingame appearance seems to be largely based on the manga, as Roh can be seen surfing through the air on some kind of surfboard which (at closer inspection) turns out to be some kind of pentagram seal shield, which also appears in the manga, but is never seen in the anime.

While Roh moves by surfing around the overworld, his idle sprite has him stading in place and flipping a coin or something like that.

Unlike Zenki and Chiaki, which act as one "overworld unit", Roh and Kokutei both act as separate entities.

For now Roh's actual ingame activities are largely unknown, as the only members of Roh's Shitenou, which make an ingame appearance are Chimaru and Roh himself.


More about Roh's card use and ingame behaviour and will be added sooner or later.

Vajura Fight

Roh and Kokutei only appear at the very end of the game, to be specific right before the ending cutscene.

Once Demon God Zenki has defeated Marubasu, the latter's dead body just lies there on the ground. Chiaki pities Marubasu and walks towards the latter, despite Zenki telling her to be careful. At that moment Marubasu's human corpse turns out to be a costume. He isn't dead. A slimy Hyouijuu rises, leaving the torn up costume behing and captures Chiaki.

Roh and Kokutei make a swift entrance. Roh then shoots a laser beam from his palm, which instantly kills Marubasu for real and frees Chiaki. Roh then laughs, he talks to Zenki and Chiaki. Roh makes fun of Zenki as usual and Zenki gets mad at him. When Zenki attacks, his punch is easily stopped by Roh's pointerfinger, creating a huge whirlwind, which forces Zenki to backstep.

Roh laughs at Zenki and tells Kokutei that they are going to leave. Roh and Kokutei just vanish in a swift flash of light.

After this, Zenki clenches his fist and curses at Roh. Chiaki gets serious as well, then the scene cuts to the credits rolling.


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