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The Hyouijuu (aka "Possession Beasts") are monsters that awaken, when a Hyouinomi finds a human with strong desires and merges with him/her, transforming her into a montrous form.

While the anime's Hyouijuu and Hyouinomi all originate from Karuma herself, the same can't be said for the manga, where these monsters seem to appear both as random, wild monsters and artificial ones, made by human sorcerers.

Most of the time, when a Hyouijuu is defeated, it turns back into a seed and the human is freed from its possession.

Yet, we can view at least one example from the anime and the manga, where this isn't the case. Both the boy from Episode 6 - "The Boy and the Telephone" and the raging man from Volume 1, Chapter 2.2 actually die before Zenki and Chiaki are able to save them.

In these cases, the beast's defeat leaves only the human's corpse behind, which then burns in exorcising flames and vanishes.


The first Hyouijuu (憑依獣 or ひよういじゆぅ) makes its initial appearance in the manga and the anime of the Kishin Douji Zenki series, when Nekomaru and Inumaru get possessed and transformed by a Hyouinomi due to their greed and become the Hyouijuu Sairousaiko.

In general, the appearance of the Hyouijuu greatly varies from creature to creature and might take any shape from a humanoid chimera (aka the aforementioned Sairousaiko) to a sludge like beast (like what Majura became after eating too many Hyouinomi) or even a bug-like appearance (like the mantis form, that Karuma took on after returning to life in the anime).

Naming the Beasts

Possession Beasts

While manga and the games refers to them as Hyouijuu, which most accurately translate as Possession Beasts, the anime dubs and subs often calls them the "Karuma Beasts" or "Evil Beasts", which is likely related to the issues, that also affect the Hyouinomi (aka "Fruits of Possession").

See the section "Hyouinomi?" on the Hyouinomi page for more information on this translation issue.

憑依 (Hyoui) means "possession" and 獣 (juu) means "beast".


There is also the term evils, which is being associated with not only the Possession Beasts, but also other villains and other kinds of monsters, even including the ones, that aren't reliant on the seeds.

This term stems from the original, Japanese text, but its translation is heavily dependent on the context, so it might also be translated as dark, as western audiences often associate darkness with evils.

See the "dark arts" from the title of Volume 2 for example, which are called "evil arts" in the original text, but would convey the proper meaning, if directly translated from Japanese to English.


  • Hyouijuu is occassionally misspelled as "Hyoujuu". Something similar applies to the "Karuma Beast", which sometimes becomes a Karma Beast or Kharma Beast.
  • Another mistranslation of the "Hyouijuu" is also the Terrible Beast, which might happen, if one makes a mistake while writing or interpreting the Kanji writing of Hyouijuu.

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