Hiruda is a minor antagonist from the Kishin Douji Zenki series.

She is a Hyouijuu woman with red horns, purple fur, rose hair and hoves. Hiruda uses many fire based attacks where she either spits fireballs or shoots them from her palms.

Hiruda first appears after Zenki and Chiaki defeat a giant head-like monster in the forest close to Shikigami-chou. After the monster explodes, the scene cuts to Chiaki and Hiruda talking to each other, which then leads to Chiaki transforming Zenki into his true form and Zenki fighting Hiruda.

How Hiruda got to this location or what she's doing there is never explained.

After being defeated by Zenki, Hiruda is never mentioned again. The next scene shows the Zenki and Chiaki have returned to the Enno Shrine and has Zenki getting the Diamond Axe from the Diamond Dragon.

Hiruda is one of two antagonists exclusive to the SNES game Kishin Douji Zenki 2 - Den Ei Rai Bu, the other being the beastman Gagara.

Fighting Hiruda

Hyouinomi item sprite DERB

By collecting all 100 Hyouinomi in the stage before the Anime Sequence Battle. Zenki can start this fight with a fully maxed out, blue health bar.

Just keep in mind that this is the first "real" fight.

Hiruda Den Ei Rei Bu 4

Hiruda spitting fire

Hiruda is way more aggressive than Goura and Gagara. She will also start out with a full health bar and attacks faster, giving Zenki less time to decide his own first move before the actual fight starts.

Hiruda's basic attacks have her spitting fireballs at Zenki, while calling out something that sounds like "Zongole". Her special moves have her spitting a larger fireball or even a large fireblast at Zenki.

A higher power level will cause Hiruda to shoot more fireballs at Zenki or shoot a larger fireblast at him. A higher power level attack will obviously cause more damage if it connects.

Just as any other special attack, Zenki can reflect the larger fireballs and fireblasts back at Hiruda, if his timing is good enough, causing them to burn her instead.

Battle Advice

Hiruda eyes Den Ei Rei Bu

When Hiruda is next

GS Zenki eyes Den Ei Rei Bu

When Zenki is next

Advantage hud den ei rei bu

Keep in mind that even if Hiruda (or any other foe for that matter) attacks Zenki, Zenki can still block, avoid or reflect their attacks.

If the player presses an action button while the opponent is making a move, they will perform their own move after the opponent's move.

Just be careful as this only applies if Zenki blocks, avoids or reflects the attack. Taking a direct hit or avoiding into an opponent's attack will give the opponent an edge (shown by the green tear beside their power bar) and might allow them to land another free hit on Zenki.

Luckily this doesn't just apply to Zenki, he can do the same to his opponents.

Hiruda and Katala

Katala anime

Katala after being revived by Goura

Katala anime 2

Just like Hiruda, Katala wants to burn Shikigami-chou to the ground

Considering their similar moveset, fire theme, coloration, appearance and them being encountered in the very same location by Zenki and his friends, it is very likely that Hiruda from Den Ei Rai Bu is heavily based on Katala from the anime.

This is furthered by the fact, that both characters are sharing bovine like traits and the fact, that the games greatly toned down any references to nudity with Karuma's tree form in Tenchi Meidou being the only instance of a female character being depicted in a nude state in a Kishin Douji Zenki game.

Their similaries become even more clear, when referecing the fact, that Den Ei Rai Bu has only two playable female characters (Hiruda and Karuma, not counting Chiaki, who only acts as an assisting character to Zenki ingame), so obviously, Katala was changed into Hiruda to be more appealing by removing her cow-centaur-like lower body and replacing it, so she becomes more like a faun and looks less monstrous.

The horns were obviously added to retain a bit of the cow-aspect, as without them, she would really be only a faun-like Hyouijuu. They also added fur to cover her nudity, which isn't present in the anime. Besides her fire hair, the original Katala's humanoid upper body is completely nude.

Also one might take the nametag mentioned in Katala's anime-section into account, as the hidden meaning of Katala's Kanji writing references to her as "Bare Firefall", while Hiruda is the "Firefall".


  • While the Anime Sequence Battles themselves show Hiruda's name as "HIRUDA" in the hud, aka by using the Romaji writing of her name, the Anime Sequence Battle cutscene dialogues use the Furigana and Kanji writings (ひるだ and 火流堕) instead
  • The Kanji writing of Hiruda's name transliterates as "Firefall" which heavily emphasizes on her Fire elemental based attacks in battle and her fiery temprament

Anime Sequence Battles

After defeating Hiruda