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  • The anime's English subtitles commonly misspell the family name Gotou as Goto.
    This mistake is likely rooted due to the way, how ou is always pronounced as a drawn out o in Japanese.

About the Gotou family/Yamabushi

While in the anime the only known members of the Gotou family are Akira, his surrogate father Kyoji and the old Shugenja, this is drastically different in the manga.

Gotou Brothers 2 manga vol 4

In the manga, Akira lives on Mount Oomine and is being protected by his guardian troop, the so called Yamabushi, whose job is to guard Goki-sama's sacred tomb. Their leader is Shinsenbou, Akira's cousin and mentor, who is also the bearer of Goki's power element of "Earth".

Not only is Akira's Yamabushi title is Waka, which is later changed into Gokimaru after Goki's awakening, the Yamabushi are also led by Goki's descendants.

While "Gokimaru" can be translated as the "Circle (of life) of Goki" or the "Perfection of Goki", it also means that Akira is perceived as the embodiment of the legendary Azure Demon Warrior God in human form.

While we learn about Akira/Goki and Shinsenbou, the other Yamabushi's either don't have names or their names weren't mentioned.

We also learn that women are forbidden in the Yamabushi's sacred grounds, therefore the Yamabushi only consist of men and boys. (fathers, uncles, sons, etc.)

This is especially strange, as the original Goki is said to have had many children with a woman. So, the reason why women are forbidden is only stated as them being tempting to men, yet it remains misterious.

It is also said that Ozunu Enno was the one who decided this ban.

The information on the Yamabushi was kindly provided by AzureKnight2008.

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