Goki (also known as Akira Gotou or Gokimaru) is one of the main characters from the Kishin Douji Zenki series. He is a Demon God with blue hair, blue eyes, detailed armor and two horns on his head. He has pointy ears and his fang is on the right side. In his human form he lacks the armor, horns and fang.

Goki is one of Chiaki Enno's guardian deities. He likes making figures and sculptures. Goki is generally a very mature person, as he is calm and very intelligent. He is also humble and extremely loyal.

In the anime, Goki's human self is mainly referred to as Akira and rarely by his full name Gotou Akira or Akira Gotou. When he transforms into his demon god self, he refers to himself as Goki and the other characters refer to him by the same name.

This is different in the manga, where Goki only calls himself Goki when he transforms and is occasionally called that way by the other characters. Shinsenbou, though mainly refers to Goki's human self as Waka, which means the young one and Goki mainly calls himself Gokimaru, which can be either translated as Goki's circle of life or the perfection of Goki.

After his initial transformation in the manga, Goki is mainly referred to as Gokimaru regardless if he is in his human or demon god form. This is due to Akira being perceived as the embodiment of the legendary Azure Demon Warrior God in human shape.

As Gokimaru gains more elements and grows into a young man, his height steadily increases until his Level 4 form just takes a huge leap when he turns into the true reincarnation of the ancient Goki (aka the Level FINAL form). This presents a stark contrast to Zenki, whose different forms (excluding his Chibi form) always stay the same height-wise.

Unlike Zenki's forms, Goki's forms don't have individual names, being just referred to as either just Goki or Goki the Demon God of Protection and Revival.

Goki is Zenki's closest comrade and keeps Zenki's true powers protected by a seal that only he and his master can break. He is also older than Zenki.

Goki is at least 1300 years old and acts like an older brother to Zenki and thus is sometimes mistaken as his brother. Akira is a reincarnation of the deceased original Goki and thus his human self is way younger than the actual Guardian Warrior.

He is also known as the God of Azure Light, Protection, Recreation and Revival. He is the protector of Ozunu Enno's aescetic disciples on Mount Oomine.

Goki is one of the two divines (the other one being Zenki) faithfully serving Ozunu Enno in the past. His kind nature and boundless love for mankind were notable as he willingly became a part of the mortal world with a human wife and five children. Later reincarnated as a human being, he vows to protect the human race and the world until his last breath.

In the ancient days, Goki, the noble guardian warrior, having been sent to save humanity from the forces of evil, descended to earth as a brilliant light that connects both Heaven and Earth. He was a loving, married man with a wife and his children waiting for him at home.

In Episode 28 of the anime the very same light can be seen shining from Akira's body when Goki reawakens inside his descendant. More about Akira's family relationships in the modern days can be read in the article about the Gotou family and the Yamabushi.

The Blue Lord's compassion

Moreover, Goki is sometimes referred to as the Blue Lord and is (especially in the later volumes of the manga) known for his very strong temper. He never regretted loving his human maiden even when his race turned their backs on him. He never complained once taking an oath to dedicate his entire life protecting the human race and risking everything for Chiaki, a descendant of Ozunu.

Goki cares about other people's feelings and always responds to those feelings with empathy and compassion, but in the face of his enemies, however, Goki can be wicked, straightforward and blunt.

Although in the beginning Akira had no idea that he was the reincarnated Goki. When Akira jumped in to protect Chiaki for the first time, it was due to Goki's will. This left Shinsenbou and the other Yamabushi astonished because Akira has always been a very timid and fragile child which now acted completely out of character.

Healing Powers

Akira's parents and the Ancient Goki

Goki with Akira's parents

(censored to be consistent with Wikimedia's rules)

Goki can heal and revive himself and other people when he still has enough energy left in him, whereas Zenki needs Chiaki to heal his wounds and restore his full health. The worst downside of this advantage, however, is that no one else can help heal Goki besides himself, not even Chiaki.

Volume 10 of the manga has Akira sacrifice himself, so Zenki can use his full strength to protect Chiaki and the others. While Chiaki and the others mourn Akira's death, Akira ends up in some kind of dying dream, where his parents remind of him of his mission to protect Chiaki. Akira decides that he can't let his friends down and revives himself. This also causes him to reach a higher level of Goki's power, the level 3 form. (also called the lateteen stage)

Unlike Zenki, Goki is a free demon

The fact that Goki is a free demon, who willingly servers the Ennos instead of being dependant on them like Zenki and that unlike Zenki's, Goki's powers aren't sealed away by a multi-layer seal, allows Goki to use various techniques based on his five power elements.

Ozunu put a multi-layer seal on Zenki, because Zenki might otherwise end up hurting himself and others in his recklessness. The seal also limits Zenki into his natural elements Fire and Thunder. While also makes Goki more powerful than Zenki (in this sealed state), Ozunu entrusted Goki with the spell to seal Vasara, if the later would ever become a threat again.

Ozunu generally trusted the Blue Lord, whom he deeply resepected because of his calm and collected nature.

Goki's influence on releasing Zenki's true powers can especially be seen in Episode 27, 28 and 29 of the anime, when Zenki can only reach his Great Demon God form through Goki's and Chiaki's aid.


In the anime, Akira is a young boy raised by his surrogate father Kyoji. When Karuma sends some Hyouijuu to kill the Gotou family, Kyoji sacrifices himself to protect Akira, but dies from his severe injuries.

Luckily Akira can escape and is saved by Miss Kazue, who escorts him to professor Kuwaori's lab. After that, Kazue becomes Akira's protector.

Later when Akira and Kazue are on the run again, they end up at the Enno Shrine. When Chiaki, Zenki and their friends are in grave danger Goki appears as a bright light shining from Akira's body. Akira is transformed into Goki and saves everyone with his barrier powers.

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In the manga Akira first appears as a timid young boy who lives in a shrine on a mountain with his brothers, father and grandfather.

Some day, Zenki and Chiaki meet a powerful foe, named Hiki the Black Tortoise. No matter what Zenki tries, he can't deal any damage to Hiki, thus Zenki decides that he has no choice but to use Rudra. Unlike any other foe before him, Hiki is completely unharmed by Rudra, leaving Zenki in a very dire situation.

Now Zenki is mortally wounded while his foe laughs at him. While Zenki is at Hiki's mercy, Hiki succeeds in sealing Zenki into a small ball.

As Zenki can't fight anymore, now Hiki is very sure of his victory and threatens to kill Zenki and Chiaki. As Chiaki cries out to help, the Bracelet of Protection lights up, but seemingly nothing happens, until...

Akira, who is currently having a walk with Shinsenbou, suddenly has a vision that his new master has awakened and needs his help, so Akira runs off into the forest to help Chiaki and Zenki.

This leaves his brother very worried, but when Akira meets up with Chiaki and Zenki, he quickly awakens as Goki and defeats Hiki.

In the games

Goki appears 2 of the games: the SNES game Kishin Douji Zenki - Tenchi Meidou and the Game Gear game Kishin Douji Zenki. Throughout the games, he helps the player.


Goki and Gaki

  • Goki, who is a demon god, should not be mistaken for Gaki, who is a completely different character from the same series and a female moth demon
  • The anime is the only entry in the series, that refers to Gokimaru as "Akira Gotou" or "Gotou Akira"

Voice actors

  • In the original, Japanese version, Goki shares his voice with Anju.
    Both of them are voiced by Megumi Ogata.

Official names

Japanese version
  • In Japanese, his name is spelled as 後鬼 or ゴキ (Goki). While the former is mainly used in the manga's inlay section and in one scene, when he signs a letter for Chiaki's birthday, the latter is used in almost all other cases.
    • It also also known, that his human self prefers to be referred to as ゴキマル (Gokimaru) in the manga, which is due to his origins as a Shugenja, which stands in a harsh contrast to his anime counterpart, who is mainly called by his given name "Akira". (明 or アキラ)
    • Shinsenbou is mainly seen calling Akira 若 (Waka), which means "young one", though.
Chinese version
  • In Chinese, Goki's name is spelled as 後鬼 (Hòu guǐ). While the Kanji-spelling is the same as the Japanese one, the pronounciation of his name is different when spoken in the Chinese tongue.
  • As such, his name is commonly misspelled as Gouki or Goukimaru
    (instead of "Goki" or "Gokimaru", which are his name and his Shugenja title in the original, Japanese manga)

About his gender

Japanese version
  • In the manga, Gokimaru lives at Mount Oomine with the other Shugenja
  • In his anime theme song "Shining Blue changed Love Advent" (see the Anime OST section of the main Anime article), he is referred to as the 青い鬼神 (Aoi Kishin), which means "Blue Demon God"
Chinese version
  • In the Chinese version of the manga, Goki is falsely referred to as a female character, when in the original Japanese work, he is male
    • This stands in stark contrast to the Mount Oomine and Shugenja reference from the original, Japanese manga, as women are forbidden from entering the sacred grounds where Gokimaru and the Shugenja live
The Zenki/Goki pun
  • Amusingly, Zenki's name translates to the "Before Demon" or "Before the ghosts", while Goki's name translates to the "After Demon" or "After the ghosts". This cofirms a common pun, that has been carried over from the Japanese to the Chinese version, but has been lost in all non-Asian speaking versions.
    • The pun itself is related to how Zenki is the demon god, who steps forward and an offense oriented fighter, while Goki is the demon god, who takes a step back and is a defense oriented fighter. Thus Zenki strikes before his enemy, while Goki comes afterwards to support his comrade.

Other series
  • A known alternate transliteration of the Kanji 後鬼 for Goki's name is "Kouki", which is pronounced "Koki". While the corresponding spelling and pronounciation is unused in the Kishin Douji Zenki series, it is known, that there is a Guardian Spirit named "Kouki" in the Shaman King series, which features alternate versions of Zenki's and Goki's characters as two red and blue, orb-like beings that belong to Hao/Zeke Asakura and later on Anna Kyouyama. More about them can be read on their page over at Shaman King Wiki.
    • Interestingly, Shaman King switched Zenki's and Goki's colors around, causing its incarnation's Zenki to sport a blue and Goki to sport a red coloration instead of Kishin Douji Zenki's vermilion Zenki and azure Goki.


In the anime, Goki has two forms.

His transformation line goes as follows:

Human -> Demon God

At first Akira is a normal human boy, but when the ancient Demon God Goki visits him ins his dreams and tells him to awaken, he soon gets to know that he is Goki's reincarnation. Soon Akira accepts his destiny and a glowing light transforms him into Goki.

Akira Gotou (human)

Akira Gotou's human form is Goki's first child stage. The human boy Akira first appears in Episode 27 of the anime.

Akira from the anime is very different from his manga counterpart. Anime Akira starts out as a rich boy from an unknown town near Shikigami-chou. He starts out living together with his surrogate father Kyoji, but lives at the Enno Shrine after the latter has been killed by Karuma.

This often leaves the impression among fans that Akira is just a timid, rich boy that can buy anything and gives them a very distorted image of the character, which leads to Akira falling behind and being overshadowed by Zenki.

Despite being a normal human boy, Akira will do anything to aid his friends. Even when he ends up in battle in his human form, he will still try his best to help and protect them.

Akira can often be seen risking his own life to protect Chiaki from harm. Despite his timid nature, he is very heroic and wise beyond years, which can be seen especially in the later episodes of the anime.

Goki (Demon God)

Akira's Demon God form as Goki is his second child stage. This incarnation of Goki first appears in Episode 29 of the anime.

This is the form Akira takes on when he transforms. At first Goki is only able to use barriers to protect his friends, yet later on he helps Zenki to transform into his Great Demon God form and learns how to use the Immovable Dragon Staff. Goki is a very capable and underrated fighter that prefers to use his brains over brawns.

Unlike his manga self, anime Goki seems to possess the Earth element in the later episodes of the anime, as he can use the "Immovable Dragon Staff", which is made from exactly the aforementioned element.

Episode 47

While anime Goki only starts out with the Aether element, his perseverance to protect others, especially Chiaki, with his life eventually boosted him to the next level of his power with Chiaki's incantation, allowing him to use the Earth element.

In the manga, Goki reaches this stage in Volume 7, when his extreme wrath over Shinsenbou's death prompts him to re-acquire his "Earth" element and reach a higher level of power. The manga has Goki's outward appearance also turn into a more mature state, while the anime has him stay pretty much the same.

The ancient demon god Goki

Goki ancient incarnation from 1300 years ago. Little is known about this form. This form is the final and most powerful form of Goki, which Akira would achieve after mastering all five of Goki's elements.

The ancient demon god Goki first appears in Episode 27 of the anime, where he visits Akira in his dreams. This happens shortly after Kyoji has died.

Those dream scenes usually have Goki whipsering Akira's name and repeating this every once in awhile, while Akira follows Goki's voice while navigating Gotou Mansion and Mount Oomine.

When Goki is seen standing in the forest of Mount Oomine, he appears as some kind of ghostly figure surrounded by an azure aura and the whole place is covered in thick mist.

Akira then asks Goki if he was the one who called him, which then always ends Akira's dream, having him woken up by Kazue, who asks him if everything is alright.

This also happens in Episode 28 and 29 of the anime.

While the ancient Goki is never seen outside Akira's dreams, he seemingly disappears a few episodes after Akira has awakened as Goki. While this is unexplained in the anime, it is actually because Goki's and Akira's souls have merged and are now one person, who is both Akira and Goki.

Goki in general

Goki's a completely independant Demon Warrior. Unlike Zenki, Akira doesn't need Chiaki's help to transform. While the Bracelet of Protection can be seen shining a few times in the anime, it only indicates that Goki still links to the Enno lineage in some way. It is very likely that this is because Goki wants to stay with his friends.

While Zenki can use his rage to break his seals in some cases, it is Akira's will to protect his friends that enables him to become Goki.

When Goki aids Zenki in his Great Demon God transformation, Chiaki and Goki will cast the Vajura-Mahar spell together:

"The Great Demon God Zenki!
Vajura, Mahar... Samaskara!"

"Arrive, Five Greats!" (unconfirmed)

Great Demon God Zenki! Let's celebrate my arrival!"

(translation by Zenki)


In the manga, Goki has six forms.

He starts out in his human form as Akira. After that, the transformation line for his Demon God form as Goki goes as follows:

level 1 (kid stage) -> level 2 (midteen stage) ->
level 3 (lateteen stage) -> level 4 (adult stage) ->
level FINAL (adult stage)

At first Akira is a member of the Shugenja/Yamabushi. (a kind of Mountain Priest / Mountain Samurai). He starts out as a timid human boy who is raised by Shinsenbou, the leader of the Shugenja, but when Hiki the Black Tortoise threatens to kill Zenki and Chiaki, the ancient Demon God Goki awakens inside him and causes Akira to run off to save them. He soon awakens as Goki and joins Zenki, Chiaki and their friends in their battle against the forces of evil.

Akira Gotou (human)

Akira Gotou's human form is Goki's first child stage. The human boy Akira first appears in Volume 4 of the Manga.

Unlike his Anime counterpart, he becomes a very mature, young man who steadily aids Chiaki and does his best protect her. He does this regardless of his form, often risking his live to save his friends.

Akira's/Goki's Ultimate Protection Light

Also Akira/Goki has his own version of Rudra, which is called the Ultimate Protection Light. Unlike Zenki's Rudra, Akira/Goki can use the Ultimate Protection Light regardless of his form.

Akira from the manga is very different from his anime counterpart. Manga Akira starts out as a member of the Shugenja, who has been raised by his older cousin Shinsenbou. Being destined as the future leader of the Shugenja, the timid and young boy soon becomes a young man, who is wise beyond years and faces various trials from the Shugendou religion to prove his worth as a leader and the successor of the legendary Demon God Goki.

Despite being not bound to the Bracelet of Protection like Zenki, Akira/Goki will immediately head to Chiaki's side to protect her even if it means sacrificing himself for his friends' lives.

Unlike his anime counterpart, manga Akira knows various kinds of martial arts, making him a more competent fighter.

The Ulimate Protection Light

In Volume 4, we can see Akira perform the Ultimate Protection Light move when he transforms into Goki for the first time. Also unlike Zenki's Rudra, the Ultimate Protection Light only harms Akira's/Goki's enemies. His friends and the surrounding area won't take any damage from it.

Though there seems to be some limitations to the Ultimate Protection Light, as Akira can only perform the move when he's at full health and just like Zenki's Rudra, the Ultimate Protection Light actually will hurt Akira/Goki if he uses it too many times.

Unlike Zenki, Akira/Goki chooses the use of this powerful move wisely. He only uses the Ultimate Protection Light in the aforementioned Volume 4 to protect Chiaki and Zenki from Hiki and later on in Volume 10 when he revives himself, reaching his third form and again protecting his friends from harm.

level 1 (kid stage)

Goki's level 1 form is his second child stage. Goki first appears in Volume 4 of the Manga.

He is similar to his Anime counterpart, yet he acts way more mature and becomes way more powerful, using moves that are never seen in the Anime and getting way more spotlight to show his heroic qualities. Some of his attacks can also be used in the SNES game Kishin Douji Zenki 3 - Tenchi Meidou.

Unlike his Anime counterpart, manga Goki can't use the Earth element until his next stage.

Being the sworn protector of the human race, Goki acts wisely and will do anything to protect his master (Chiaki) and his loved ones. Goki is also known for using mind tricks on his foes to confuse them into revealing their weaknesses.

His playfulness can be seen when he messes with Dokuro Sou after the latter was overthrown by the fact that Goki can blank his mind by using the Aether element, so Sou couldn't use his mind reading abilties.

Goki is also a fast learner, who can mimic other people's fighting styles and apply them for his own uses.

Despite only owning one element, level 1 Goki is already more powerful than Zenki's true form. (Demon God Zenki) This is especially notable as Zenki's Chibi form would be his level 1 form, making Goki stronger than Zenki in general. Though we don't see this until later as Goki's first form is mostly restricted to his defensive, healing and resurrective abilties, limiting his attack possibilies to a minimum.

Despite this, Goki is still a very capable fighter that can use various kinds of martial arts and catch his foes inside his shield.

level 2 (midteen stage)

Goki's level 2 form is his midteen stage. This form of Goki first appears in Volume 7 of the Manga.

In the manga, Goki reaches this form when Chimaru attacks and mortally wounds Shinsenbou.

As Shinsenbou was the bearer of the earth element, the element is passed on to Akira. After turning into this form, Goki becomes strong enough to take revenge for Shinsenbou and swiftly strikes down Chimaru when the latter lets down his guard.

Goki also heals Shinsenbou's wounds and Shinsenbou recovers, but Goki keeps his second element of earth, which he needs to eventually become awhole again.

This form still needs more research. More content on them will be added soon.

level 3 (lateteen stage)

Goki's level 3 form is his lateteen stage. This form of Goki first appears in Volume 10 of the Manga.

This form first appears when Akira sacrifices himself, so that Zenki can use his full strength to protect Chiaki and the others.

When Chiaki and the others, but especially Chiaki, mourn Akira's death, Akira ends up in some kind of dying dream.

In this dying dream, Akira meets his parents and the Ancient Goki, who remind of him of his mission to protect Chiaki.

When Akira decides that he can't let his friends down, he revives himself and reaches a higher level of Goki's power, the level 3 form or lateteen stage.

In his level 3 form, Goki achieves the water element, which allows him to control water and ice.

This form still needs more research. More content on them will be added soon.

level 4 (adult stage)

Goki's level 4 form is his first adult stage. This form of Goki first appears on the backcover of Volume 7 of the rerelease of the Manga.

This form of Goki only appears in a the dev sketches section of the rereleased version of the Kishin Douji Zenki manga. This form is very close to his Ancient Form in strength and abilities, yet unlike the Ancient Demon God Goki, who is "just" Goki, the now revived, ancient demon god has both Akira's and Goki's souls inside him, which always exist in some kind of merged state while Akira is in his Goki forms. He also hasn't regained his Wind-element yet, making this form still incomplete.

level FINAL (adult stage)

Goki's final level is his second adult stage. This form first appears as a silhouette in Volume 10 of the Manga, which later reappears in Volume 12.

Goki's final form is also the ancient incarnation of the original Goki from 1300 years ago. He possesses all five of his elements and is probably either equal to Zenki's Perfect Demon God form or even stronger than Zenki. Because it only appeared on a single page of the manga, little is known about this form. This form is the final and most powerful form of Goki, which Akira would achieve after mastering all five of Goki's elements.

The ancient demon god Goki first appears in Volume 10 when Akira has sacrificed himself to enable Zenki to properly fight a foe, which had previously taken Akira hostage so his friends couldn't fight the enemy without risking to hurt Akira. While Akira's friends continue to fight the enemy, Akira has a dying dream where he meets his parents and the ancient demon god Goki. They remind Akira of his mission to protect his friends and Akira revives himself, reaching his Level 3 form as Goki.

Ancient Goki's second appearance happens in a flashback which shows him together with Ozunu and Vasara meeting Zenki for the first time after Zenki's loss against Ryuuma-ou-Mikado (the Evil Dragon King of Hell). From this point, Goki, Ozunu and Vasara take over and defeat the dragon, which is then sealed away by Ozunu.

This scene happens after Ryuuma-ou-Mikado has been unsealed by the mysterious young swordsman Kokuu. When Akira and the others notice that Ryuuma-ou-Mikado is on the move again, Akira tells Chiaki about the past event.

Goki in general

As mentioned in Shinsenbou's article, the reincarnated Goki must undergo five stages of transformation in order to achieve his maximum power. This also correlates with his five-element power.

Goki's element stages are as follows: Aether - Earth - Water - Fire - Wind.

Akira's human form represents "Aether". When he becomes the Demon God Goki, he additionally gains the earth element, which can also be seen in the anime when he uses his "Immovable Dragon Staff". In the manga Goki reaches the fire element, but his final form can only be seen as a silhoutte in Volume 10, when Akira revives himself to fulfill his mission as the protector of humanity and more importantly Chiaki.

More on Goki's "moves" can be read in the corresponding games' pages.


Manga exclusive forms

  • The Goki's level 2 and onwards forms only appear in the Manga.
  • Also unlike Zenki's forms, Goki's forms don't have individual names. Goki just stays Goki, the only exception being his human form where he's called Akira Gotou or just simply Akira.

Alternate timeline

  • As the "Alternate timeline" (that is mentioned in Zenki's article) only covers the alternate and originally intended beginning of the manga, Goki never appears as this special chapter never reaches the point where Akira or Goki would be introduced.


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In battle stats Notes
  • Goki's in battle stats are heavily based on his manga incarnation, though they also take his other incarnations' abilities into consideration, intending to give an as precise as possible documentation, specially balanced with the best of his abilities for the purpose of showing off his maximum in battle performance.


  • Goki's second, third and fourth forms are manga exclusive. In the anime he only appears as the human Akira, the Demon God Goki and his mysterious, ancient self, albeit the latter only makes an appearance in Akira's nightmares, where he calls Akira by his name.
  • For some strange reason Goki in Tenchi Meidou's board game mode has violet hair instead of his usual blue hair. It is unknown why the developers decided to do this.
    • Something similar happened to Guren, who ended up with red hair in this game instead of his usual violet or purple hair.
  • All credit for Goki's official rerelease art goes to AzureKnight2008 from DeviantArt, who kindly provided it to the founder of this wiki for the exclusive use in the Kishin Douji Zenki fan circles, Kishin Douji Zenki Wikia and research on the Kishin Douji Zenki series.

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Currently, the known voice actress and voice actors represent the Japanese, English and Spanish cast.

Note, that while Goki has dialogue in the series' video games, none of it is voiced by a voice actor.

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Voice acting

Episode 27

Akira Goki - Akira meets Goki

Akira meets the ancient Goki (for the first time)
(Episode 27)
Akira meets the ancient incarnation of Goki in a dream

Akira meets Goki anime

Goki and Akira


"Who is calling me?"


"It's my room...
Are you the one who's been calling me?
You're the one who was calling me, right?"

Episode 29

Akira Gotou meets ANCIENT Goki

Akira meets the ancient Goki (again)
(Episode 29)
Akira meets the ancient Goki in the beginning of the episode - this is their second and penultimate meeting

Ancient Goki anime 4
Ancient Goki anime 3



"Who is it?
Who's calling me?
Who are you?"

"Come to me...
...and meet the other you."

"The other me?
What do you mean?
Tell me!"

Akira - Goki's Awakening

Goki's Awakening
(Episode 29)
Akira awakens as his true self and transforms into Goki for the first time

Goki anime 3


"My blood, my strength!
The time to awaken has come!"

"He's awakening?"

The reincarnated Defense Demon God Goki arrives!"

Chiaki Akira Zenki - Vajura Mahar Samaskara

Vajura Mahar Samaskara
(Episode 29)
Chiaki and Akira join their powers to transform Zenki into his Great Demon God Form for the first time

Cho Kishin Zenki anime 3

Cho Kishin Zenki /
Great Demon God Zenki

"The Great Demon God Zenki!
Vajura, Mahar... Samaskara!"

"Arrive, Five Greats!" (unconfirmed)

Great Demon God Zenki! Let's celebrate my arrival!"

(translation by Zenki)