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Episode 2

New characters and locations

This episode introduces the following characters:
Guren, Goura, Anju, Karuma, Buidou, ...

This episode introduces the following locations:
Karuma's dimension, ...

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Episode description

Scene 1

1. Karuma's dimension

Guren bright anime

Guren's initial anime appearance

Goura anime 4

Goura's initial anime appearance

Guren anime 8

Guren notices Anju

Anju anime 3

Anju's initial anime appearance

Karuma anime 2

Karuma's initial anime appearance

Episode 2 starts out with the camera panning around Karuma's dimension, giving the viewer a detailed look at it. After showing a few lightning bolts and erupting volcanoes, Guren makes his initial anime appearance.

As the camera pans to the left, he is seen standing on a rock pillar. Lightning strikes, brighting up the area behind Guren, while his hair flies in the wind. He is depicted with a slight smirk on his face.

Shortly afterwards, another introduction follows, as the camera changes perspective and shows a man wearing an indigo cape with two golden horns on his shoulders. The man turns out to be Goura, which marks his initial anime appearance as well.

He turns around and sports a serious expression while the camera pans from the left to the right.

Then Goura and Guren are shown talking to each other. While Guren makes remarks about Goura's high age, the latter counters by telling him, that he can't leave matters to someone as green as him.

This annoys Guren, who then notices Anju.

As he asks her, what she is doing in this location, the camera shows a young woman sporting short, mint green hair, wearing a beige cloak.

This marks Anju's initial appearance and she throws in her own remark by stating that Guren's temper doesn't fit his attractive, masculine looks.

Then a purple flash of light can be seen in mid-air above one of the mountains. As the camera zooms in onto it, Karuma materializes and talks to her "children".

This marks her initial appearance.

After a short conversation, where she tells her servants about "a force that has been born in this world and threatens her 108 Hyouinomi", Guren volunteers to take care of this force, so "the forces of evil can bloom".

Karuma leaves matters into Guren's hands and states, that it's for the "great devine darkness". Guren wants to prove himself to Karuma and the others, but Goura just mumbles, that Guren is a "young fool" and states, that Guren doesn't know what he is up against. Anju mocks him as well.

Then the scene cuts to the Enno Shrine.

Scene 2

2. At the Enno Shrine

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Opening and Outro


Scene 1

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  • The English sub/dub has Guren falsely referring to Goura as Goula.
  • Something similar happens with Goura and Anju, who both falsely refer to Guren as Gulen.