Kishin Douji Zenki Anime

This article is about Episode 1 of the Kishin Douji Zenki Anime. You can find a list of all Episodes on the following page:
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This Episode introduces the following characters:
Zenki, Chiaki Enno, Ozunu Enno, Saki Enno, Jukai Enno, Kuribayashi, Nekomaru and Inumaru

The order which the characters appear in may or may not be final and needs more research.

This Episode introduces the following tools:
Bracelet of Protection, Hyouinomi

Hyouinomi translates as "Fruit of Possession", though the anime dubs and subs commonly call it the Evil Seed. From Episode 27 and onwards, they are upgraded to Karumanomi, that create stronger Hyouijuu, which Zenki can't defeat on his own and forces him to rely on Goki's help.

This Episode introduces the following locations:
Shikigami-chou, Enno Shrine


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Opening and Outro

Zenki-Sama's descend


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