The Enno Shrine is a location in the Kishin Douji Zenki series. It is a shrine located in the north of Shikigami-chou and atop a high plateau. A long stairway through the forest leads up to it.

The Enno Shrine consits of multiple smaller buildings and a larger main hall. There is also an upper floor containing Chiaki's room.

Many of the series events happens in the area around the Enno Shrine as the protagonists of the series live here.

The Enno Shrine's residents

Enno Shrine Chiaki Akira anime

Chiaki and Akira sitting on the staircase outside and talking to each other on Goki's 1300th birthday. (Episode 39)

In the beginning just Chiaki and her grandmother Saki live here, but they are soon joined by Zenki, when Chiaki unseals him. Zenki is soon followed by Jukai and Kuribayashi joining the party.

While in the anime both Jukai and Kuribayashi stay at the shrine, they are separated and steadily on the move in the manga.

At some point Chiaki and Zenki meet Miki Souma who first is more of a neutral character, but later stays with them very often. Sometimes Souma leaves for whole episodes/volumes, while in other episodes/volumes he is a local resident at the Enno Shrine.

They are soon joined by the little Guardian Goddess Lulupapa when she is summoned by Chiaki who wished for another guardian deity besides Zenki.

After spending a long time in this constellation, Miss Kazue and Akira Gotou (Goki) also come along and join in the anime, while in the manga it's only Goki who joins them as Kazue is an anime exclusive character.

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Enno juhō-dō

  • In the Japanese and the Chinese versions, the Enno Shrine is called 役咒法堂.
    • In the Japanese version, this is transliterated as "Enno juhou-dou", which is pronounced "Enno juho-do", while in the Chinese version it is transliterated as "Yì zhòu fǎtáng".
      • "Yi" is the Chinese pronounciation for the Kanji 役, which makes up the Enno's family name.
      • In Japanese, the Kanji 役 can both be pronounced as "Enno" or "Yaku", with the latter meaning (a person's) "role". This is dependant on the associated context and Furigana writing.


  • The Japanese word 咒法堂 (Juhou-dou) literally translates as "lawful temple" or "exorcism temple", while its Chinese variant (Zhòu fǎtáng) literally translates as "church of the lawful curse" or "church of the lawful spell".
    • Of cause, in English both of these become a "shrine", which has the same meaning as the direct translations, but makes more sense and is more tangible to English speaking readers.

Episode 1

Episode 39


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Volume 1

Volume 11

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As of now, the only known games the Enno Shrine appears in are
Kishin Douji Zenki - Battle Raiden and Kishin Douji Zenki 2 - Den Ei Rai Bu for the SNES.

Battle Raiden

Den Ei Rai Bu


  • Chiaki is upset in Battle Raiden's Intro cutscene, because it is considered rude for a boy / man to sleep in a girl's / woman's bed before marriage.
  • As the shown cutscene from Den Ei Rai Bu is set in the time travelling section of the anime's Karuma Ark, it depicts the Enno Shrine as it appeared back in Chihaya's days.

This section might be updated in case the Enno Shrine is found in any other Kishin Douji Zenki game.