Kishin Douji Zenki 2 - Den Ei Rai Bu

Kishin Douji Zenki 2 - Den Ei Rai Bu is the second of 3 Super Nintendo games based on the Kishin Douji Zenki series.

It was the third Kishin Douji Zenki game to be released for the home consoles in Japan and hit the stores on November 24, 1995.

Den Ei Rai Bu is based on the time travelling episodes of the Kishin Douji Zenki anime's Karuma ark and thus features a slightly modified version of its plot.

The game also features a password menu that lets you continue the game where you left off and also a hidden menu with a two player VS mode and a VS COM mode which are accesible by inputting a special code. You get the special code by beating the game, where it will be then shown after the ending credits.

There is also a sound test, which can be accessed from the game's main menu. Unlike the sound test from Battle Raiden, which allowed you to listen to the game's music and sound effects, Den Ei Rei Bu's sound test is limited to music only.

Did you ever wonder why they called the game "Den Ei Rai Bu"?
Here's Zenki's answer:

Diamond Dragon anime 3

The Diamond Dragon as he appears in anime Episode 26

Den Ei Rai Bu tells the story of the dangers of Rudra, which, if used recklessly can take your life. Zenki meets the Diamond Dragon, who descends from heaven as a dancing thunder and becomes an electric shadow, which then turns into the Diamond Axe.

As the Diamond Axe replaces Rudra, Zenki dance battles while wielding the Diamond Axe. The Diamond Axe possesses the power of Rudra, but lacks the risks of it.

In this story, Den Ei or Den Ei Rai (Electric Shadow / Electric Shadow Thunder) represents the Diamond Dragon. Zenki is represented by the Ei Rai (Shadow Thunder) and Rudra by the Rai or Raibu (Thunder / Life). The Bu (Dance) is included, when Zenki finally has grown and reached the inner strength to wield the Diamond Axe and overcomes the dangers of Rudra.

How To Play

Den Ei Rai Bu is a sidescrolling jump and run game where you play as Chiaki as you traverse through mazelike stages while collecting 100 of Karuma's Hyouinomi and 4 Vajura incantation scrolls left behind by Ozunu Enno.
When you get to a boss battle, Chiaki summons Zenki (in his Chibi form) to fight the boss.
You will then take control of Zenki while Chiaki watches you fight.

The game also features anime sequence battles, where you play as Zenki (in his Demon God form) and fight various bosses by using button inputs at the right timing.
Zenki's health will also be determined by the anmount of Hyouinomi you have collected with Chiaki, so be sure to collect them all to start the anime sequence battle with full health.

In the anime sequence battles, you can use your basic attack (for example, Zenki punching the foe), a special attack (that varies in power) and a healing move.
You can also avoid, block or even return your foe's attacks back to them.
It is also possible to control the direction of your attack by keeping up or down pressed.

Similarities to the Anime plot

The events from the game are very close to the plot from Karuma ark, although some villains like Gagara, Hiruda and Hyouinomi never appear in the anime. For example the "After defeating Hiruda" cutscene is very similar to the anime episodes where Zenki and his friends travel to the past, because they have to prove themselves to the Diamond Dragon to get the Diamond Axe. As Goura and Guren end up traveling to the past, too, it's obvious that they would appear as well.

Differences to the Anime plot

For some odd reason, even after getting the Diamond Axe, Zenki never seems to use it ingame. Zenki from the anime uses the the Diamond Axe a lot after getting it from the Diamond Dragon.

This is especially weird at the end of the game, where Zenki uses Rudra instead of using the Diamond Axe to defeat Karuma. Rudra almost kills Zenki every time he uses it in the anime or manga, while the Diamond Axe has the same power as Rudra, but without the drawbacks. In the anime he beats Karuma with Chiaki's help and the Diamond Axe.


Voiced grunts and lines

  • Den Ei Rai Bu is notable for being one of the rare SNES games, to feature voiced lines and grunts for its characters. It improved on Battle Raiden's standards by not only featuring high quality anime sequence battles, but also the characters appearing in them having fully voiced lines. Just like in Battle Raiden, the Vajura-on-Ark cutscene and a few other single instances are voiced as well.
  • Enemies in the game still feature grunts, but they have been toned down for minor foes, mainly applying for enemies from the mini-bosses and above.
  • The cutscenes also aren't voiced, but this is to be neglected, as the game is already outstanding for featuring voiced lines and grunts at all, as these didn't become common in games until the Nintendo 64 era and even then, voiced lines were a rarity

Japanese title and translations

  • In Japan, Kishin Douji Zenki - Den Ei Rai Bu is known via the Kanji and Furigana writings of
    鬼神童子 ゼンキ - 電影雷舞 and きしんどうじ ゼンキ - でんえいライブ respectively
  • While the Kanji writing translates as "Demon God Child Zenki - Electric Shadow Thunder Dance", the Furigana writing translates as "Demon God Child Zenki - Electric Shadow Life"
    • Also, the former reads as "Kishin Douji Zenki - Den Ei Rai Bu", while the latter reads as "Kishin Douji Zenki - Den Ei Raibu".
  • Both variants of the title are a clever trick of the series' creators, as they are direct references to the story behind this game. (see the corresponding section at the beginning of this article for reference)
  • Our translation calls the game "Demon God Child Zenki - Electric Shadow Dance" as a compromise to keep the double meaning of the original title as intact as possible.


  • The game's title is commonly being misspelled as Kishin Douji Zenki 2 - Dan Ei Rei Bu.
    • While the Hiragana for de and da are completely different, it is likely that the misspelling is related to the game's internal filename, which has the game's title misspelled as Dan Ei Rei Bu instead the proper Den Ei Rai Bu as seen both on the game's title screen and the boxart.
      • Note: Hiragana are a kind of characters used in the Japanese writing system.
  • There's also another, less common misspelling that calls the game Kishin Douji Zenki 2 - Den Ei Rei Bu or Den Ei Rei Bu, which comes from the reader accidentally overlooking the Rai Bu-part of Den Ei Rai Bu being spelled in Katakana instead of Hiragana like the rest of the Furigana.

The Good Guys

  • Zenki Chibi Zenki blink Den Ei Rei Bu Multiplayer zenki icon den ei rei bu
    • He is one of the main characters, you play as him in the boss battles and anime sequences.
  • Chiaki Enno Chiaki blink Den Ei Rei Bu
    • She is one of the main characters, which you will control through the jump and run sections.
  • Ozunu Enno Ozunu mug DERB
    • In this game Ozunu is a minor character that explains the game mechanics of the jump-and-run sections of the game.

The Bad Guys

  • Hiruda Multiplayer hiruda icon den ei rei bu
    • She is a humanoid Hyouijuu with red horns, purple fur, rose hair and hoves. Hiruda uses many fire based attacks where she either spits fireballs or shoots them from her palms.
  • Goura Multiplayer goura icon den ei rei bu
    • He is one of Karuma's servants and Guren's mentor.
  • Guren Multiplayer guren icon den ei rei bu
    • Another of Karuma's servants. He is very loyal.
  • Gagara Multiplayer gagara icon den ei rei bu
    • He is a green Hyouijuu with an eye on his belly. He has pincerlike hands and uses them to swipe at foes. Gagara sometimes also spits his wormlike children from his mouth, who are then launced at his foes and try to eat them alive.
  • Hyouinomi Multiplayer hyouinomi icon den ei rei bu
    • In this game there is a special, huge, floating Hyouinomi, which appears as a the pre-final anime sequence battle boss.
    • There's also a collectible version which raises Zenki's health. It looks like this: Hyouinomi item sprite DERB
  • Karuma Multiplayer karuma icon den ei rei bu
    • She is the game's final boss the major villain of the Karuma ark.
    • In the game she has two forms.
    • The first form is her normal coloration, while the second one has an ice-like palette. Therefore Zenki has to fight her twice ingame.
    • If you lose against her second form, you'll have to start the anime sequence battle over from the Hyouinomi fight.


  • Ingame, there's a boss is called Hyouinomi, which is the original, Japanese name of the "Fruits of Possession".
    • They are alternatively also known as the "Seeds of Possession" and there is also an anime exclusive variant called the Karumanomi (aka "Fruit of Karuma" or "Karuma Seed"), but this one doesn't appear ingame.

Basic Controls

Guren attack multiplayer
Goura alternate recover multiplayer
Hiruda special multiplayer 5
  • Y or A - Basic Attack
    • Can be blocked or even avoided all together.
    • You can control its direction. If you press nothing, it will go straight forward, if you keep up or down pressed, it will hit the foe in the head or stomach.
    • It deals very little damage.
  • B - Healing Move
    • If you have Hyouinomi left over, you can use them to heal yourself.
  • X - Special Attack
    • Can be blocked or even avoided all together.
    • The controls are the same as for the Basic Attack.
    • You have to keep in mind that it drains a bit of your health to use the Special Attack, so you can't use it, if your health is too low.
    • It deals a variing anmount of damage.
Zenki block Den Ei Rei Bu
  • Block
    • If you keep left pressed, you will block an attack, causing it to deal less damage.
    • Keep in mind, that if you health is too low, you might still lose all your remaining health despite blocking.
Goura Den Ei Rei Bu 3
  • Avoid foe's attack
    • If you keep up or down pressed, you will avoid the foe's attack, unless the foes sent it in that direction.

Gameplay Mechanics

Health Bar

The health bar is stationed at the top of the screen.
It's pretty much self explaining: If you run out of health, you lose a life.

  • Health bar colors
    • Blue - high anmount of health
    • Yellow - medium anmount of health
    • Red - low anmount of health
      • If Zenki or any other character has low health, their animation will change to a closeup of them being tired.

Power bar

The power bar is represented by flashing little spear heads at the bottom of the screen and will move cycle from low to high and then back. Press an attack or the heal button at the right time to increase its effect.

  • Power bar colors
    • Red - low power
      Zenki power bar stages den ei rei bu

      Zenki's power bar and the green tear

    • Yellow - medium power
      Advantage hud den ei rei bu
    • Orange/flashing - high power
    • Green tear flashing - very high power
      • The latter is only aviable, if you dealt the last hit, so it gives you or your foe an advantage.

Multiplayer mode notes

Multiplayer vs den ei rei bu

In the hidden mode, you can play as any character who appeared in the main game's anime sequence battles and chose any stage.
In this mode, you can either play against the computer or a second player.
Just keep in mind, that controls for blocking and returning attacks will be reversed for the second player.

You can play as Zenki, Gagara, Hiruda, Goura, Guren, Hyouinomi (the huge, floating one) or even Karuma herself!

Yet, Karuma's second form from the final boss battle can sadly only be accessed via cheats.

Eyes in the corner

Anime sequence battle vs gagara den ei rei bu 5

In the middle right corner, Gagara's eyes can be seen. If any character's eyes show up in an anime sequence battle, it means that the foe will attempt a move after your action. (or the other way round)

It is thus possible to use a move after a foe and you will need to act this way to win the anime sequence battles.


Zenki takedown recovery Den Ei Rei Bu

Zenki recovering from a takedown

If a strong enough special attack hits you and you failed to block, avoid or return it, it knocks you down. While your character tries to get up, you can't attack your opponent or recover and your opponent gets a free turn.

When an opponent decides to attack you while you are getting up, you can still try to block, avoid or return the attack.


Feel free to visit the Cutscenes subpage for this article to view this entry and check out the English and German translations available, as well as various screenshots depicting the ingame action!

Goura's introduction

Zenki's transformation

After defeating Goura for the first time

After defeating Gagara

After defeating Hiruda

After defeating Guren for the first time

After defeating Goura for the second time

After defeating Karuma for the first time

After defeating Karuma for the second time

Ending Cutscene and Credits

Main Menu and Box Art


Stage Title Cards

1st Stage (after defeating Gagara)

2nd Stage (after defeating Hiruda)

Other Stages

Anime Sequence Battles

Anime Sequence Battle VS Goura

Anime Sequence Battle VS Gagara

Anime Sequence Battle VS Guren

Anime Sequence Battle VS Karuma

Anime Sequence Battle VS Hyouinomi

other Anime Sequences

Anime Sequence Hud Grapics

The characters' eyes when they have decided their move while it's the enemy's turn:

The characters' individual power bar stages:

Other hud icons:


  • While all other characters have a white border covering all sides of their eyes' image, the left border is missing in Guren's and Karuma's ones. This causes their eyes' images just continue for one vertical line of pixels instead of being cut off.


Character Icons

These are the characters' icons in the hidden VS mode menu.



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Dragon head enemy Den Ei Rei Bu
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