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Battle Raiden Cutscenes

This page is a subpage of the article for the first Kishin Douji Zenki SNES game: Kishin Douji Zenki - Battle Raiden.

This page showcases all three ingame cutscenes. This page might also be accessed from the article's main page via the gallery tabber's Cutscenes-section.

The screenshots and translations of the original, Japanese ingame dialogue have been kindly provided by Zenki (English and German versions of the Intro and Vajura on Ark cutscenes), Vasara (English version of the Ending cutscene) and Semerone (German version of the Ending cutscene).

Semerone's older, German translation based the English text from the Dynamic Designs version and her fixed version of the English text, that has been reviewed to resemble the original, Japanese version more closely, can now be found in its respective archive blog.


Zenki battle raiden dynamic designs intro

The credits screen from Dynamic Designs' translated version. The original Japanese version lacks this screen for obvious reasons.

This cutscene happens at the very beginning of the game. While in the original Japanese version, it is activated immediately after booting up the game, the English version depicts the Dynamic Designs intro image before starting the cutscene like normal.

The intro cutscene basically explains the plot behind the game's events and introduces us to the villains (the Jushi) and the heroes (Zenki and Chiaki). This is especially neat for fans who are going to be introduced to the series by their encounter with Kishin Douji Zenki - Battle Raiden like the founder of this wiki experienced it back in the old days.

Ingame (with English and German subs)


The cutscene starts out showing Shikigami-chou's forest with Mount Fuji in the background. The action then cuts to the five Jushi (aka "Curse Samurai") taking a walk in said forest. They soon find a huge statue that looks like a dragon head with a huge egg in its mouth, which they refer to as Ozunu Enno's Dragon Emperor Hill.

Being the bad guys, the Jushi obviously try to break the Dragon Emperor Hill's seal, so their leader Shiguma can make the powerful dragon Ryuumyakuo his pet. This would give him access to its powers, which he plans to use to rule the world.

Then the scene cuts to Chiaki waking up and letting out a scream. She wonders what happened and finds Chibi Zenki in her bed. She kicks him out of her bed, gives him a beating and then berates him about climbing into her bed.

The scene cuts to Zenki licking his wounds and Chiaki remembering how Ozunu gave her a vision about Mount Fuji exploding. Zenki and Chiaki keep talking about the dangers of this and Zenki mentions Ozunu's barrier.

Chiaki immediately thinks that something happened to the barrier and now drags Zenki along with her. In the beginning of the game, Chibi Zenki and Chiaki actually visit the same forest, the Jushi visited in the beginning of this cutscene.

Vajura on Ark

This cutscene is first seen after Stage 1-2. Once Chibi Zenki has reclaimed the Bracelet of Protection, Chiaki will use it to transform him into his true form, cue the cutscene.

The Vajura on Ark-cutscene reoccurs every time Chiaki transforms Chibi Zenki into his true form, as Zenki doesn't stay big for the remainder of the game.

Ingame (with English and German subs)


The Vajura on Ark-cutscene starts out with Chiaki casting the Vajura-On-Ark spell, which causes her Bracelet of Protection to glow, then the scene cuts to Chibi Zenki, who starts screaming while quickly shifting between his Chibi and Demon God forms. In the end, Zenki (now in his Demon God form) declares that he has risen and a closeup of his face, showing him with a proud grin, can be seen.


After Shiguma's defeat at Zenki's hands, the ending cutscene will trigger, showing Zenki and Chiaki escaping the Jushi's collapsing Cursed Castle.

If this was the player's first playthrough of the game, the credits will roll and the game will now start over from the beginning as a slightly harder new game plus.

If the player has finished the new game plus instead, the game will end after the credits roll and return the player to the game's title screen.

Ingame (with English and German subs)


The cutscene starts out showing Demon God Zenki and Chiaki inside a room, which slowly falls apart. After a quick talk about the urgency of escaping, Zenki grabs Chiaki and leaves the place with her.

The scene cuts to Chiaki and Zenki standing on some kind of higher plateau and looking into the distance, while Shikigami-chou's forest with Mount Fuji can be seen in the background.

A pillar made of light can be seen in the middle of the forest. It soon disappears and Chiaki and Zenki start talking about Ozunu's dream prediction from the beginning.

Once they are done talking, the game ends with Zenki saying the following: "For as long as humans continue to have desires, then the same thing will happen again and again!"