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Hello and welcome to Kishin Douji Zenki Wikia's abbreviations guide!

This is a new feature, that was inspired by Freddy's Abbreviations Guide from over at his own Super Mario 64 themed wiki!

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Common Abbreviations

In General

  • TOC
    • Table of Contents
      • This entry is mainly used on the manga related pages.


Other game related entries

Den Ei Rai Bu
  • ASB
    • Anime Sequence Battle
      • This entry is related to DERB's Anime Sequence Battles
  • STC
    • Stage Title Card
      • This entry refers to the title cards that are seen at the beginning of each ingame stage


Miscellaneous Abbreviations

Mixed talk related entries

  • Mt
    • Mixed talk / Mixed talks

Message Wall related entries

Message Wall Greetings

  • MWG / Greeting
    • Message Wall Greeting
  • MWGs / Greetings
    • Message Wall Greetings

Message Wall Archive

  • MWA
    • Message Wall Archive / Message Wall archive

Wiki Backend


  • wikinav
    • Wiki-navigation / Top Navigation

Categories and Sub-Categories

  • cat
    • category
  • cats
    • categories

  • subcat
    • sub-category
  • subcats
    • sub-categories

Uncommon Abbreviations


  • SD
    • super-deformed
      • A term used by Asian people to describe Chibis, whose body and limbs have been shrunk, while the head size has been increased. This results in a dwarf-like body stature with a head, that's often slightly bigger than the entire body. (description provided by Zenki)


  • DD
    • Dynamic Designs
      • Name of the group of fantranslators, who created the first English fantranslation ROM patch of Battle Raiden back in 2016. The people who participated in creating the fantranslation are Kakushiken, filler, Bongo`, Taskforce and Draken. (description provided by Zenki)

Temporary Entries


  • VUT
    • VolumeUpdatesTemporary
      • A currently used template, that is meant to inform the reader about our creation of new manga chapter and subchapter related subpages, as well as the creation, movement and updating of related content.

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